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Venus Retrograde Is Almost Done—Here's How It's Going To Impact Your Zodiac Sign

Sarah Regan
August 30, 2023
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
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August 30, 2023
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If you've felt like your relationships have been a bit wonky this summer, you wouldn't be alone. Not only do we currently have six planets in retrograde, but one of those planets is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure.

Luckily for us, though, Venus is finally going direct this Sunday, and depending on your zodiac sign, this planetary movement will impact us all differently. Here's what to know.

Venus goes direct September 3

As a refresher, Venus has been retrograde in the sign of Leo since July 23, and will go direct on Sunday, September 3. Being the planet of love and abundance, when Venus goes retrograde, it's a time for us to reassess our relationships, as well as our connection to joy and abundance.

And according to astrology expert Imani Quinn, this time around, Venus going direct is actually ending an eight year cycle for us in relationships, offering a prime opportunity to reflect on the relationship patterns that have shown up for you the past eight years.

As such, she suggests asking yourself which of those patterns you want to keep and which ones are dying away. This retrograde has helped us "delve deeper into self love and reevaluate our boundaries, values, and dynamics in our relationships, as well as our finances and abundance," Quinn explains.

Depending on which house Leo rules in your birth chart, the impact of this retrograde gets further nuanced, such as for Leos, who have felt this retrograde in their first house of identity, or Tauruses, who have been impacted in their fourth house of home and family.

Now that Venus is moving direct, the question is who we're going to be moving forward. "Essentially, how has the summer changed you? What lessons did you learn this summer as it pertains to what house it's in for your sun sign? And now how are you applying those lessons?" Quinn tells mindbodygreen.

Here's a closer look at how Venus moving direct will impact your sign—be sure to check your sun and rising sign!


For Aries, this Venus retrograde has impacted your fifth house of pleasure, expression, and creativity. And now that it's moving direct, Quinn says, your pleasure should be kickstarted now. If it's not, however, you'll want to ask yourself if you're holding yourself back in any way.

"It's the time for them to really push themselves to express, and to see how their expression was showing up in their relationships with Venus retrograde, and now how they're integrating it," Quinn tells mindbodygreen.


Taurus, this Venus retrograde has hit your fourth house of home and family—on top of the fact that Venus is your planetary ruler. So if you've had a heightened focus on the home front this summer, that would be why. And according to Quinn, this time has shown you what you need to feel loved.

"This is really asking them what they need in their relationships, and what they need to feel love," she notes, adding that these themes will be particularly relevant to their home base.


You're known to be a sign that loves to chat, Gemini, but this Venus retrograde has impacted your third house of communication and information—which also happens to be the house associated with your sign. As such, Quinn explains, this has been challenging you to get clear on finding self expression in your relationships and getting through to people.

"Are you articulating yourself in a way that people can understand what it is you're trying to say? Especially because Gemini is so dualistic, they can change their mind a lot," Quinn explains, adding, "And so as your mind is moving, how are you able to create language around that so the people you have close relationships with can understand?"


This Venus retrograde landed in your second house of possessions, finances, and security, Cancer, so don't be surprised if you've been focusing on your savings or reassessing your values in terms of money. Quinn notes that valuing yourself is a big theme of this house, in terms of your needs and deservedness.

"Let people know what your needs are, and value your own needs, most importantly," Quinn says, adding that with that, you can use this energy to reevaluate your finances and take pride in them.


This was a big summer for you, Leo, with Venus enjoying an extended trip through your sign, retrograde included. As Quinn explains, with this retrograde impacting your first house of self and identity, you've been assessing your relationship with yourself, and specifically self love.

She adds that with the retrograde coming to a close, you'll want to identify where your strengths are, and where your identity is being tested. "That was what was coming up and allowing them to fortify themselves—they had a huge rebrand this summer. It's like they're seeing big endings and a very big, new beginning," Quinn explains.


Deep, subconscious patterns could have arisen for you during this Venus retrograde, Virgo, as it moved through your 12th house of endings and the subconscious. Quinn notes you may have particularly noticed subconscious beliefs around your relationships coming up.

The question now, is whether you allowed those subconscious patterns and beliefs to be seen and revealed. Because when you do, Quinn explains, "You can be more empowered and making conscious choices." Endings aren't always easy, but when you don't ignore the insights that come to you, you can make a better beginning.


With Venus retrograde impacting your 11th house of collectives, community, and networking, Libra, you've been asked to look at how you're showing up for your greater community—and if you feel like you're fulfilling your purpose for the greater good.

As Quinn explains, ask yourself how the retrograde put you in closer alignment with whatever that purpose is, specifically as it relates to the people you have around you. If they were supportive and reliable people, that's great, but if they were naysayers, Quinn notes, that's only going to bring you down.


As Venus retrograde has been moving through your 10th house of career and public image, Scorpio, the focus for you has largely been on up-leveling within your work. According to Quinn, it's also been pushing you to value yourself in your career.

You may have had some old inner stories and beliefs come up around insecurities, uncertainty, etc., but now that this retrograde is coming to an end, are you ready for that next promotion or the next stage of your career? As Quinn notes, now's the time for you to step out on your own, take that risk, and push forward in a professional sense.


This Venus retrograde might have been hitting home for you, Sagittarius, as it moved through your ninth house of expansion and higher learning—which is the house associated with your sign. And according to Quinn, the focus has largely been on expansion in your relationships.

As she explains, you've been looking at which relationships are holding you back, and which ones are taking you further. "And I think this was a time that made them get really clear on which relationships were helping them to expand, and which ones weren't," she adds. Now, the only question is what you'll do with that knowledge.


Venus retrograde impacted your eighth house of transformation, Capricorn, so you've likely been up to a lot of inner reflection regarding your relationships in a fundamental way, Quinn says. "The eighth house of transformation was really coming to look at their relationship to intimacy and being close to people," she explains.

Not only that, but you may have also noticed limits within yourself or the relationships in your life, which are ultimately there to push you to get closer to yourself and your truth. Then, Quinn says, you can get closer to other people. After all, you can only meet someone as far as you've met yourself, she adds.


Venus is the planet of love to begin with, and for you, Aquarius, this retrograde has further impacted your seventh house of partnerships. As such, Quinn says, you've been figuring out which of your relationships are balanced, fulfilling your needs, or otherwise working well for you. Vice versa, you might have been looking at how you're fulfilling your partner's needs.

On the flip side, Quinn adds, if you've been hoping a relationship will get better and it's just not happening, it will be impossible to ignore now. Figure out what your values are within your relationships to help you reestablish those values if need be.


Amping up the self care, Pisces? This Venus retrograde period has affected your sixth house of health and routines, so Quinn tells mindbodygreen that boundaries and meeting your own needs have likely been at the forefront for you. Now that Venus retrograde is ending, what have you learned this summer as it relates to self care and self love?

As Quinn explains, Pisces can be the most lenient on boundaries, because you're so empathic and compassionate. But this retrograde has pushed you to increase your self worth and stick to your boundaries—as well as your self care routine.

The takeaway

It's been a long run of Venus in Leo, including this extended retrograde. And since Venus doesn't move into Virgo until October, we have until then to fully integrate any of the lessons that came up during Venus retrograde, while Venus is still in fiery and courageous Leo.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.