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April 21, 2021

"Probiotic" is a pretty big buzzword in the health and well-being world, and rightly so. These good bugs (found in food and supplements) help maintain balance in the microbiome, therefore supporting overall gut health.* Given functional medicine experts consider the gut to be the center of health, supporting this system is key to overall well-being (think smoother digestion, immune support, etc.).*

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That's why mbg decided to develop probiotic+, a supplement aimed to not only promote overall gut health but also specifically help ease bloating and gas, plus aid healthy digestion.* It features four clinically researched, targeted probiotic strains, which strategically work together to support healthy elimination and lessen bloating, among other benefits.*

However, if you're skeptical about the impact of probiotics, you're certainly not alone. Below, we've roundup up a few mbg reviews that shared apprehensions about trying the supplement—but had a change of heart after experiencing some positive results.

"I was skeptical ... then my overall bloat began to dissipate."*

"So I went into this skeptical. After two days, my overall bloat began to dissipate. After about a week, I became more "regular." I've also recently been taking a second probiotic if I eat if I have some pizza or some french fries...just something that makes me feel full. I'll take one of these, and about 20 minutes later, things start happening to create relief."*

—Suellen C.

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"I wondered if it would work ... then it eased gas and bloating."*

"I really wondered if this was going to make a difference—yet gradually it has. It has corrected the gas, bloating, sense of 'dis-ease' in my gut and also corrected my appetite. Interestingly, fewer cravings, and I feel more satisfied after I eat. You have to take it for at least two months to see the effects; though they start after two to three weeks, the full effect is slower."*

–Martha M.

"I thought it would not do what it says...but I was mistaken. These changed my life."*

"I don't see myself ever without these. I have struggled with regularity and bloating forever. I have a gluten sensitivity and thought it was due to that. But even without eating gluten, I wasn't really that bloated, however still had other symptoms. It takes about two weeks to have these in your system, and then your life changes. I really thought I would order the first month and, like with everything else, it would not do what it says, at least for me. But I was mistaken, and they really changed my life; thank you."*

–Deborah F.

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"I used to just take probiotics because they were good for me. But with probiotic+, I noticed real changes."*

"I've been taking probiotics for about five years and never really noticed a real difference in the way I looked or felt. I just took them because I knew they were 'good for me.' I started taking probiotic+ at the beginning of February, and a week in, I started noticing a real difference in the way I felt (less bloated and gassy, TMI but true). Three weeks in, I noticed real changes in my digestion. If you have digestive needs, this is the probiotic for you. I am now on their auto-order program!"*

–Ivete C.

"I was hesitant, but I'm so happy I tried them!"*

"I was hesitant to purchase the probiotics from mindbodygreen since they are relatively new to the market. After reading all of the positive reviews, I decided to try them. I have been taking them for 30 days, and I've noticed a difference in my skin and digestion! I am so happy I tried them! I look forward to trying more of their products."*


Kristine Thomason
Kristine Thomason
mbg Health & Fitness Director

Kristine Thomason is the health and fitness director at mindbodygreen. Kristine is a New York University graduate with a degree in journalism and psychology, and also a NASM-certified personal trainer. She has spent her editorial career focused on health and well-being, and formerly worked for Women’s Health and Health. Her byline has also appeared in Men’s Health, Greatist, Refinery29, HGTV, and more. In her current role she oversees, edits, and writes for the health, food, and movement sections of mindbodygreen.