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How To Help Your Child Thrive, According To Their Zodiac Sign

Briana Saussy
May 12, 2022
Briana Saussy
By Briana Saussy
mbg Contributor
Briana Saussy is an author, storyteller, teacher, spiritual counselor, and founder of the Sacred Arts Academy, where she teaches magic, divination, ceremony, and other Sacred Arts for everyday life. She is the author of "Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary" and "Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology."
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May 12, 2022
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We look to the stars for inspiration and enlightenment. We look to the stars to orient ourselves and find true north. Can we look to the stars for guidance on how to parent as well? As it turns out, not only can we, but when we do so, we join a long-standing tradition of parents who have done exactly that.

How astrology can help inform our parenting.

Western countries are still playing catch-up when it comes to harnessing the practical benefits of astrology—benefits that much of the world has known about for ages. There is, after all, a reason why people around the globe look to astrology for insight on everything from when to ask for a promotion to when to get married.

In my years as a spiritual teacher, I have seen how parenting with an eye to the stars can make the relationship between parent and child stronger, more understanding, and more joyful. In fact, I am so dedicated to helping people incorporate astrology into their parenting that I wrote an entire book about it.

If this topic is brand-new to you or if you are a newcomer to astrology in general, it can be hard to know where to get started. So here is a handy guide for those who are ready for the stars to support them in raising their children.

What to know about your child, based on their zodiac sign.

This guide is meant to give you a quick snapshot of what to be aware of for each sign of the zodiac. Figure out what your child's sun sign is, look at the entry corresponding to it below, and start there!


Aries children often get into trouble not because they are "bad" but because they have a lot of energy and they are bright. I've found that parents of Aries children should encourage their energy and pair it with discipline and responsibility—two qualities that people don't usually associate with the sign but that they are actually very good at!

Give your Aries kiddo plenty of physical affection, and encourage them to protect others. That will channel their energy and enthusiasm into just the right place!


Taurus children are strong, quiet, and determined. Parents with Taurus kids know that once their child has made up their mind, there is no turning back! Taurus kids respond really well to time spent together doing something. This can be gardening, making art, reading together, or even watching TV together. These children love to snuggle, and they communicate through touch instead of through words.


Get ready to talk! About everything. Gemini children love learning, asking questions, and connecting through speech (and later writing). These children are quick and bright, so parents who embrace the fun (and all of the questions) are likely to have the best relationships with them.

Cultivating quiet reading time in the household is a great way to calm the Gemini child's energy and also encourage their learning.


Most of the feelings, stories, and adventures the Cancer child is having are happening underneath the surface. Parents would do well to remember that while these children may seem calm and low-maintenance, they have deeply rich inner lives.

Supporting the Cancer child by giving them access to artistic and creative opportunities serves them well and allows them to exercise another surprising skill that they have: leadership.


Parents of Leo children need to be ready for some socializing! These little ones love to be with their friends and put on shows and plays. Leo children are often quite popular and show abilities in either the performing arts or athletics, so their schedules can be busy. Parents who make time in those busy schedules to remind their little Leos to snuggle up and take a cat nap win the prize!


Virgo children need clean, organized spaces and some control over their surroundings. These children are drawn to caring for others and helping out wherever they can. They strive for perfection in themselves and in others. Parents can support their Virgo children by making sure that they have sovereignty in their surroundings and encouraging them to explore their creative side.


For the Libra child, things must be fair. If parents make sure that fairness is emphasized in their households, then life is easier and more fun. Libra children can tend to put too much stock into what others think about them (good and bad), so parents of these children can also encourage them to be true to themselves first and foremost.


Scorpio children are intense and passionate. These are powerful aspects of their characters and should be celebrated by parents. These children love a good mystery, so being honest with them and answering their questions (in an age-appropriate way) is always the best policy. They also care about power: who has it, who doesn't, how it is used, and how it is abused. Parents who support their Scorpio children in discovering their own inner power will win the Scorpio child's love and admiration.


The Sagittarian child is a mystic who loves to wander. These children respond beautifully to travel and new experiences. For them to feel their best, they need to know that they have a certain amount of freedom to discover things for themselves. Sagittarian children are usually quite honest and blunt about it. Parents can do them a solid by teaching them some skills around speaking honestly and kindly.


The Capricorn child is a hard and diligent worker who wants to be the best. Sometimes they come off as mini-adults, so it is important to refuse to let your little Capricorn play the parent. They love awards and competition, so emphasizing healthy competitive behavior early on will set them up for success in all that they do.


The Aquarius child is quirky and often labeled as "weird." They can be "in their heads" and go from giving parents the silent treatment to being quite chatty. Aquarian kids can easily get bored (and into trouble), but they care about causes and social justice. Get them involved in social service work early and watch them bloom as they stand up for what is right and fair.


The Pisces child is sensitive and artistic. These children are highly emotional and may even be blamed for their emotions. Don't shame them for being honest about their feelings. Support them by giving them artistic tools (dance, musical instruments, paint supplies) so that they can channel their fantastic inner lives in a direction that brings more beauty into our world.

The takeaway.

For much of the world, astrology is not considered a fringe, woo-woo distraction but rather an ancient, sacred art. And its value extends to parenting. Simply knowing your child's sun sign can give you a clue about what they need to thrive as their unique self.

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Briana Saussy

Briana Saussy is an author, storyteller, teacher, spiritual counselor, and founder of the Sacred Arts Academy, where she teaches magic, divination, ceremony, and other Sacred Arts for everyday life.

She is the author of Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary and Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology. She lives in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas with her husband, two sons, and a variety of furred and feathered friends.