11 Ways To Raise Your Frequency & Attract Positive Energy

11 Ways To Raise Your Frequency & Attract Positive Energy Hero Image
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Everything in this universe is made up of vibrational energy, and everything vibrates at a different frequency. In the spiritual community, raising your frequency is synonymous with adjusting to a more positive emotional state. The lower your vibrational frequency, the more your ego restricts the life force within you.

Increasing your vibration is all about thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions. When you are in this state of unconditional love, you uplift the consciousness of others who come into contact with you. Bring on the positivity with these 11 simple ingredients for raising your energetic frequency and becoming the happiest version of yourself:

1. Sunlight

Not only does sunlight feed us much-needed vitamin D, but it can also help stabilize our moods. You can shift stagnant, dull energy of any room by just opening your windows and letting some light come through.

2. Sound

Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats are calming musical melodies used in spiritual blessings that have been shown to help diminish anger, depression, and anxiety. Check out 396 Hz on Audio Entrainment's Channel on YouTube to listen to them for free during your next meditation.

3. Herbs

Different herbs and oils come paired with powerful mood-lifting benefits. Lavender oil has a calming effect on the mind, especially when inhaled before bed. Basil is known to help soothe sadness and depression, and angelica root has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits.


4. Exercise

Exercise in and of itself releases endorphins that can help with stress relief, and finding joy in the exercises you're doing only escalates the experience. If you enjoy dancing or playing tennis, do it! When you are having fun and burning calories at the same time, you are helping not only your emotional health but your physical health as well. Feeling like your workout is a burden will not help you to lift your frequency, as like attracts like, and a miserable journey cannot yield a happy outcome.

The trick is to just set aside time every day to dwell in a state of love.

5. Water

Spending time around water will not only cleanse your body but will attract positive energy as well. Legendary spiritual teacher Teal Swan recommends filling a glass with water, setting a timer for a few minutes, focusing positive thoughts toward the glass, then drinking it.

6. Appreciation

An attitude of gratitude is the key to abundance. Keep a journal and fill it with positive things—they can be as simple as the violet curtains in your bedroom or the bath filled with roses your children drew for you when you came back from work. The trick is to just set aside time every day to dwell in a state of love. Positive feelings are even more powerful than positive thoughts, so this exercise will allow joyful situations and thoughts to manifest.

6. Visualization

Visualization is a way to make it clear to the universe what it is you really want in the physical realm. When you set an image you love as your phone wallpaper or put up a vision board, you're helping your goals materialize. Keep adding to that board or switching up that wallpaper when your ideas expand. Imagination is powerful, and picturing your dream lifestyle will make you feel happy. The journey becomes much easier once you know exactly just what your goals are.

7. Simplification

If you are surrounded by clutter at home or at work, you can attract stressful situations. A simple cleanup can help boost your energy and make you feel more organized and in control. Never underestimate the power of detoxifying your living space.

When you stop chasing the wrong people, you give the right people a chance to catch up.

8. Vegetables

Vegetables are great for vitality, and they vibrate at a higher frequency than meat and processed food. They contain more life energy than dull foods like processed cheese and coffee.

9. De-stressing

Stress weakens the immune system and can literally make you sick and speed up the aging process. When people are stressed, they also tend to make impulsive choices that only make them feel good in the short-term, such as reaching for sugary snacks or skipping a workout. When one is in a relaxed state, one is less likely to act rashly.

10. Independence

One of the big things I've learned through the years is that if you do not respect yourself, people are not going to respect you. Nothing can make us happier than being around people who love us unconditionally and accept us for who we are, regardless of our flaws. When you stop chasing the wrong people—the ones who do not care for your happiness and well-being—you give the right people a chance to catch up.

11. Meditation

You do not have to sit crossed-legged for hours and repeat a mantra to the point of mental exhaustion to meditate. You can let go, sit back, even open your eyes. You can observe the flicker of a flame or the waves hitting the shore. The main thing is to get lost in peace.

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