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Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Here's What Happens When You Start Being Nice To Yourself

Were you brought up to believe that taking care of yourself is selfish? Most of us were, or at least internalized that belief somewhere along our...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
May 27 2015

7 Things To Do When You Feel Blamed & Shamed

What do you usually do when someone blames and shames you? Do you:

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
April 1 2015

Signs You're Making Sacrifices For All The Wrong Reasons

Were you told as a kid that self-sacrifice is noble? Many of us were, even if it was indirect. For one, our culture tends to think of directly...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
March 18 2015

13 Lies Your Inner Critic Tells You + How To Stop Believing Them

Many of us grew up with parents, caregivers, siblings, teachers and/or religious leaders who told us lies about ourselves, about others and about God....

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
March 6 2015

How To Rebuild Trust (Even If It Feels Impossible)

Look within yourself and your relationship to start the rebuilding process.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
February 19 2015

How To Express Your Authentic Truth In Relationships

"I feel like I'm always walking on eggshells with Rosalyn," my client Sean admitted during our recent Skype session. "I hate that we can't talk about...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
February 3 2015

The Only Thing You Need To Avoid Rejection

Understanding your concrete intention for speaking up is a vital step in learning to avoid that sinking feeling of rejection we can often feel during...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
January 8 2015

Self-Care & Self-Love Aren't The Same. Here's How To Have Both

I generally ask my new clients if they feel that they are taking care of themselves well. They often tell me they are, and because of this, they can't...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
December 19 2014

I Feel Awesome At 75. Here's How I Do It

When I was younger, I made the decision to think about how I wanted to live in my older years. Today, at 75, I'm living the way I hoped I would: a...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
December 7 2014

Are You Using Sex For The Wrong Reasons?

There has been much research on "attachment parenting," which emphasizes the deep need babies have for skin-to-skin holding and emotional nurturing....

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 24 2014

The Biggest Cause Of Relationship Failure

What if there was ONE major cause of relationship failure? And what if there were something you could do to create a truly loving relationship?

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 22 2014

3 Non-Negotiable Reasons To Leave Your Partner

Have you ever struggled with the question of when it's time to leave a relationship? Are you plagued with doubt about whether or not you will have...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 10 2014

The ONLY Ways To Deal With Relationship Conflicts In A Healthy Way

Conflict! The very word often brings up fear. Yet all relationships have it. It's not the conflicts themselves that cause problems in relationships —...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
October 19 2014

9 Ways To Radically Improve Your Relationship

All relationships have a system. Some systems work well and some are dysfunctional.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
October 9 2014