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Georgina Berbari

What's The Difference Between A Therapist & A Counselor?

There's a lot of terminology in the mental health space.

Georgina Berbari
4 days ago

4 Tips For Finding A Therapist You Really, Truly Connect With

It's so important to work with a therapist you truly trust and connect with.

"Triggered": Psychologists & Trauma Experts Explain What It Actually Means

The term arose in reference to war veterans dealing with distressing PTSD-related flashbacks.

Georgina Berbari
December 15 2021

The Science Behind Why We Find Certain Eye Colors So Attractive

Why do people like blue eyes so much, anyway?

Georgina Berbari
September 28 2019

This Texting Habit Might Be Helping Couples Communicate Better

This one goes out to all the aggressive emoji users out there.

Georgina Berbari
August 29 2019

Here's What People Really Think About Workplace Romances

What's at stake when you have a romantic relationship with a co-worker?

Georgina Berbari
July 13 2019

Can't Move On From Your Ex? 8 Reasons It Might Be Taking Forever

We asked breakup experts why sometimes you just can't get over an ex no matter how much time passes.

Georgina Berbari
June 27 2019

Men Have A Biological Clock, Too — Here's What You Need To Know

Men who wait to have kids later in life could be putting their partner's health at risk.

Georgina Berbari
May 13 2019

Tend To Be Hard On Yourself? Here's A Medical Reason To Chill

This unhealthy thought pattern might be the root of your anxiety.

Georgina Berbari
April 26 2019

This Habit Teaches Your Kid 1.4 Million Words Before They Hit Kindergarten

Everything you need to know about the "million-word gap."

Georgina Berbari
April 5 2019