How To Grow Your Eyebrows Naturally

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Perhaps we can thank Cara Delevingne, Instagram's niche beauty communities, or simply a return to the 1970s au naturel look, which has resurfaced in fashion and décor this year and has paved the way for groovy beauty looks. Full brows are in, and they're here to stay awhile. One may reasonably think this would translate to less time and money spent grooming, but growing a big, bold brow is no easy task for some of us! Especially anyone who overtweezed circa 1994.

Don't worry about a thing. We found out exactly what you need to support your body in growing a new set of face framers.

According to thousands of Amazon reviewers, using black castor oil to grow hair really works. I first heard of this natural remedy from Josh Beeler at SHEN Beauty in Brooklyn, New York, a celebrity brow guru who specializes in growing, tinting, waxing, and trimming brows. "Castor oil helps to lubricate the follicle, which then aids the growing-in process for eyebrows. It's the main ingredient in most eyebrow-growth serums, and the great news is you can buy it at your local drugstore," said Beeler.

For many of his clients dealing with "'90s brows," this method has definitely helped them achieve the filled-in brows they want. "I recommend applying directly to brows and leaving overnight. As you start to see results, in about two weeks' time, I encourage my clients to avoid trying to eliminate any hairs on their own; that's my job!" So even if you see success with castor oil, leave it to the professionals to shape and tame your new hairs, at least at first.

If you're interested in a growth serum, Plume Science's lash- and brow-enhancing serum utilizes castor oil as a main ingredient to promote hair growth. Nourishing aloe, honey, and vitamin E keep new hairs strong, thick, and luscious. The before and afters of lashes on their website speak for themselves, but the serum works on brows, too. And because it's completely natural, you won't see any of the side effects (like change in eye color or in the skin under the eyes) you've heard about with other lash-growth products.

Finally, if you're looking to truly go the extra mile, taking a biotin supplement has proved to help with some instances of hair loss and can keep the hair you do have healthy. Dr. Amy Shah, mbg health expert and class instructor, recommends it for individuals who want to grow their eyebrows.

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