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19 Meaningful Gifts To Celebrate A 15-Year Anniversary With Your Partner

Sarah Regan
Updated on January 11, 2023
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
Last updated on January 11, 2023
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Making it to your 15-year anniversary is a feat worth celebrating—and honoring with a gift, if that's your thing. The theme for 15th anniversaries is crystal, so we rounded up the best crystal gifts, plus some nonmaterial and other fun options as well. There's something for everyone here to celebrate 15 years of love with their special someone.

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The 15-year anniversary theme.

As you may or may not know, each wedding anniversary has a specific theme, starting with paper for the first year of marriage. Each year, the material for the anniversary gift gets stronger and stronger. The second-anniversary theme is cotton, for example, while the 10th is tin or aluminum, and the 60th is diamonds—the hardest material of all the years.

The 15-year anniversary theme is crystal, symbolizing both the splendor of a happy marriage, as well as the fragility, encouraging couples to continue to be intentional and tender in their relationship.

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Tips to keep in mind.

Everyone—and every couple—is different, so there are a few things to keep in mind if you're shopping for your partner and unsure where to start.

For one thing, certified therapist De-Andrea Blaylock-Solar, MSW, LCSW-S, CST, says it's a good idea to know your partner's love language. Some people just straight up like receiving gifts, which makes gifting a bit easier. Someone who likes physical touch, though, might specifically prefer a massage certificate, or someone who likes quality time might like a specially planned date night for the two of you.

"Identifying what way your partner receives love can be really helpful in deciding what type of gift to give," Blaylock-Solar tells mbg, adding, "And sometimes it's not an actual physical gift that you're giving."

And as licensed marriage and family therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, previously explained to mbg, you also want to go for something that's meaningful. "Gift-giving can be really special, even if it's not one of your love languages," she says. "The thing people care about is the meaning behind it."

Crystal gifts.

1. Crystal studs

The most straightforward, tried-and-true way to give a crystal-themed gift is, of course, crystal jewelry. If you think your partner would like jewelry as an anniversary gift, you can't go wrong with a pair of crystal earrings, like these gorgeous rose gold studs from Swarovski.

Sunshine stud earrings by Swarovski, $115

swarovski rose gold crystal stud earrings
Swarovski / Swarovski

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2. Crystal wine glasses

Someone out there has a partner who's a wine connoisseur, and these crystal wine glasses would be the perfect addition to your next wine-and-dine night. With their sculpted stems and classic cut design, they're elegant, classy, and sophisticated.

Marquis Set of 4 Crystal Wine Glasses by Waterford, $65

set of 4 crystal wine glasses
Perigold / Perigold

3. Crystal cufflinks

For the spiffy suit-wearer in your life, why not honor your 15-year anniversary with a pair of crystal cufflinks? Your partner is sure to get plenty of use out of them at fancy future events—plus they'll think of you every time they wear them.

Theo Air Element cufflinks by Swarovski, $89

swarovski cuff links
Swarovski / Swarovski

4. Crystal candle holders

For a gift that fits the theme and also sets the mood, these crystal candle holders are as elegant as they are beautiful. Every dinner with these lit will feel special, adding a touch of crystal—and a sign of your love—to your dinner table or mantel.

Paradiso Taper Holders by West Elm, starting at $24

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5. Crystal picture frame

For a sentimental option that sticks to the crystal theme is a crystal picture frame, like this one by Waterford. The 8-by-10-inch size is perfect for displaying your best picture as a couple—or whatever picture you think they'd like to see when they open up their gift.

Markham 8x10 frame by Waterford, $145

crystal picture frame
Waterford / Waterford

6. Crystal paperweight

For a crystal gift option that's also sentimental, yet functional, these crystal paperweights are perfect for a hardworking partner who spends time at their desk. The best part is you can use your own photograph or art—a picture from your wedding, perhaps?

Personalized glass photo paperweight by CameoGlassPrints, $35

paper weight with photo
Etsy / Etsy

7. Raw crystal earrings

The traditional crystal intended for the 15 year anniversary is crystal made from glass, but if your partner would prefer something a bit more "modern boho"—or they have a type of crystal they really like—crystal studs of moonstone, amethyst, and more would be a great choice.

Raw moonstone studs by Silver Lily Studio Shop, $19

moonstone stud earrings
Etsy / Etsy
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Fun and intimate gifts.

Depending on the kind of relationship you and your partner have, you may not be big on grand, expensive gifts. If fun, quirky, or sexy gifts are more your thing, we rounded up a few—just make sure you and your partner are on the same page about the kinds of gifts you're wanting for this anniversary.

8. A sexy couple's kit

Spice things up in the bedroom with this couple's kit that comes with all the essentials for a steamy night in. You'll find massage oil, a suction toy, and a couple's vibrator. Not to mention, the kit also has aloe-based lubricant and a non-slip sleeve. All bases covered! (Literally.)

The Night In by Dame, $280

dame the night in kit
Dame / Dame
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9. An exquisite picnic basket

The only thing better than a picnic at the park is a one complete with the ultimate picnic basket. With this set for four by Picnic at Ascot, you'll have all your bases covered, plus it has a carrying strap and wheels for easy portability. And the best part? It has a lifetime warranty, making it a fitting gift for the love of your life.

Insulated Picnic Cooler by Picnic at Ascot, $95

picnic basket
Amazon / Amazon

10. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

If your partner's love language is quality time, they'll adore this cute (and inspiring) poster full of date ideas. As you tackle each date option, scratch or cross them off one by one to see all the fun things you've done—and will do—together.

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster by Ivvy & Co., $28

100 date ideas scratch off poster
Amazon / Amazon

11. A couple's game

There are a ton of different couples' games available today no matter what your vibe is—but if you're specifically looking to deepen intimacy and get to know each other, the Love Lingual card game is sure to help. It comes with 150 different question cards covering a range of topics, with plenty of opportunities to ask the important questions.

Love Lingual Card Game by FLUYTCO, $25

love lingual card game
Amazon / Amazon

12. A crystal sex toy

If you're looking for a sexy gift that also works with the crystal theme of the 15-year anniversary, look no further than a crystal sex toy, like this one by le wand. It's ergonomically designed for G-spot stimulation, and comes in a beautiful rose quartz, as well as obsidian, for your favorite crystal aficionado. (Just make sure to read the cleaning instructions carefully, as crystal can be porous and therefore hard to fully sterilize.)

Crystal G Wand by le wand, $250

rose quartz dildo
le wand / le wand

13. Maude's Night In Couple's Kit

And last but not least, consider this simple yet oh-so-effective couple's night-in kit by Maude, complete with a massage candle, lubricant, and body wash that doubles as bubble bath. This is a great option for the self-care lover or couples who enjoy a little steamy bathroom time

Night In Kit by Maude, $95

bath set by maude
maude / maude

Meaningful gifts


A love letter

Some people aren't big on material gifts and prefer something more sentimental or emotional. If your partner's love language is words of affirmation, for example, a handwritten letter could be just the thing to put a smile on their face come your anniversary. Here's a breakdown of how to write a good love letter, in case you're not sure how to get started.


An act of service

Similar to the above, acts of service is another one of the love languages that can make for a great gift, when done right. For example, if you know your partner has a big project or task they've been avoiding, you could take care of it for them. Better yet, plan a whole day of things you'll do for them, so they can sit back and relax.


Tickets to an event

Some people prefer to be gifted with experiences rather than items—especially if their love language is quality time. Whether it's tickets to a concert of an artist they like, day passes for a museum, or even a membership to a studio or gym they like, the options are endless here.


A National Parks pass

This one goes out to the nature lovers: If your 15 years of happy marriage have included many a hike, what better way to honor that than with a National Parks pass? You'll be able to visit as many parks as you want for the year, and it's something you can look forward to doing together.


Relationship coupons

You might remember "coupon" booklets from when you were a kid in school, but making one for your partner as an adult can still be a fun and unique gift. Coupons can be sweet, sexy—really anything you want. For example, perhaps one coupon is for a hug, while another is for a night of doing the dishes.


A getaway

An official love language may as well be traveling—it's an opportunity for you two to bond and see the world together. If you and your partner love to travel together, your 15th anniversary is a great time to surprise them with your next trip, whether you literally go that day or you just show them the flight tickets.

The takeaway.

Whether you and your partner go all out with gifts or prefer to keep it light and fun, 15 years of a partnership is something to celebrate. And with any of these gifts, it's sure to be an anniversary worth remembering.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.