What Energy Are You Putting Into The Universe?

Written by Jean Koerner

If we are going to talk about manifesting our intentions, we have to talk about energy.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Your energy affects the energy of everything around you.

Have you ever been thinking about someone and then they call you or you bump into them on the street?

We say "What a coincidence," but according to the laws of energy, we would say "Of course!"

When you meet someone new, you immediately get a feeling about them, liking them or not, which is not necessarily based on anything tangible. It's based on energy.

What we put out, we attract. Our energy is attracting all the time.

Focus your intentions on the positive. For example, rather than saying I don't want to smoke, say I will be smoke-free.

Then, close your eyes, see what that looks like and not only think it but FEEL it as best you can. You can do this with all of your dreams and intentions. So often we spend time thinking about what we don't want or don't like and putting our energy into that. When you notice that happening, see if you can instead focus on what you do want.

Whatever the energy is that we put out, we attract back back according to the law of relativity. When you take note of the way that you feel, see if you can look for the positive in every situation so that you are sending out positive vibes and more specifically, our intentions.

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