Feeling Blah? Your Home's Energy Might Be To Blame. Here's How To Fix It

Written by Becky Hernandez

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Sometimes, we'd rather not think about all the people who have touched our food before it got to us. Or all the ones who have traveled in and out of our homes, bringing in all types of emotional and physical baggage in the process. Does your home or office feel stagnant, stressful, and draining? Are you always run-down, no matter how much sleep you get? These are just some of the signs that the buildup of negative energy around you is taking a toll on your body.

The good news is that you don't need to be an energy worker, intuitive, or shaman to clear out some of the stagnancy that clogs your body and home. You already have powerful tools at your disposal that can help facilitate this clearing. Here are a few that will keep your space free of negative energy and full of positivity and abundance.

1. Sage

Healers, shamans, and native communities have been using sage to clear out negative energy practically since the beginning of time. White sage grows wild in most drought-tolerant landscapes, and its vibrations are just as powerful as its scent.

Simply burn a stick of sage while walking through your home of office, paying attention to the top and bottom corners of every room, window, and doorway. Sage is so powerful that I believe it clears out negative energies as well as positive ones, so I recommend only using it when your space could really use an overhaul. Also note that its smoke is thick and has a strong smell.

How to get your hands on it: You can find sage in most crystal and metaphysical shops, holistic stores, and even certain food stores like Whole Foods.

Photo by Stocksy

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2. Palo Santo

Palo Santo, or holy wood, comes from trees that grow on the coast of South America. It has a high vibration and a very sweet aroma that helps clear negative energy without removing any positivity from your space.

Be sure to light it well, so the flame is nice and big and won't fizzle out right away. Beware: There are many "fake" Palo Santo sticks out there that disguise other types of wood with Palo Santo oil. Don't skimp out for this cheaper version—it won't burn as well as the real deal.

How to get your hands on it: Most metaphysical stores carry Palo Santo from South America. You can also purchase it online, but be very careful and read the description and reviews to make sure it's real.

3. Himalayan salt lamp

Healers will often use salt as a cleanser. You can simply place salt in a bowl for positive, cleansing vibes, or go for my personal favorite: Himalayan salt lamps. These giant chunks of Himalayan salt are such soothing sources of positive energy. Pakistan is the only place you'll find true Himalayan salt, so make sure yours is mined there.

How to get your hands on it: You can buy Himalayan salt lamps anywhere nowadays. I've seen them at HomeGoods, crystal shops, Whole Foods, and even Wal-Mart! There are great retailers online as well.


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4. Selenite

Selenite is a variety of gypsum stone, and it's great for clearing blocks and removing negative energy within your physical and etheric bodies. It can also clear and charge other crystals and stones.

Try waving a wand of selenite around your physical and energetic bodies (including chakras), or invest in a few selenite candle holders or lamps. Keep in mind that selenite is a soft, sensitive stone, so you don't want to bang it around or use it to store liquids.

How to get your hands on it: You can purchase selenite items pretty much anywhere, and I've never run into any fakes. I recommend buying one in person at a holistic health store, metaphysical shop, or bead/stone shop so you can feel its energy in person. But if that's not an option, Amazon and eBay also sell them.

5. Essential oil sprays

There are many clearing, protective essential oils out there. I suggest finding an oil spray you love, spritzing it all around your space, and heightening its energy with the stones and herbs mentioned above.

Just be sure to go for pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. There are so many terrible versions out there that cut the oil with alcohol, water, or other carrier oils. This brings the vibration of the oil down, and usually makes it smell terrible. (You would notice a difference almost immediately.)

How to get your hands on it: You can purchase sprays, roller blends, and oils in holistic stores and online. You can also make your own version at home.

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6. Positive affirmations

No matter how obvious, we still tend to forget about the simple yet effective method of reciting positive affirmations to raise our vibes. I recommend doing so right before bed to protect your sleep and right when you wake up to start your day on a positive note.

There are many affirmations and mantras out there, so find the one that resonates with you! Just make sure you're clear on your intention.

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