9 Things That Should Be In Your Bedroom (According To A Feng Shui Healer)

One of the simplest ways to start to heal your life is to use feng shui in your bedroom. The bedroom is the area of your home that is closest to you. Think about how many hours you spend there! This room holds your personal qi. So, I wanted to share nine healing items that are in my bedroom and that should be in your bedroom. Why nine? The number nine is especially auspicious and symbolizes transition.

1. A full-or queen-size mattress

A queen or full-size mattress is important for a couple of reasons. First of all, king-size mattresses typically have split box springs or a split in the base somewhere. In feng shui, this creates a separation between your partner (or future partner), which is not very healing. It can also create a split along your body somewhere, which may cause health issues. The second reason, even if you don't have a split or have no box spring, is sleeping on a king mattress is like sleeping in two different rooms almost! There is less togetherness and connection between current or future partners.

2. An essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are amazing for many reasons. They smell divine, and they also have tremendous healing qualities. My favorites for the bedroom are lavender, cedarwood, and neroli. They are especially relaxing and soothing and always help me wind down after a long day. You can find a good oil diffuser almost anywhere.

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3. Black tourmaline and clear quartz

Black tourmaline and clear quartz together are like yin and yang, providing balance, clarity, and protection in the bedroom. Black tourmaline grounds, protects, and purifies the bedroom energetically from electromagnetic forces that affect our sleep and healing. I recommend you place four black tourmaline pieces in the four corners of your bed or the bedroom to create a grid of protection. Then place a piece of clear quartz in the center with the intention to enhance and improve imbalance.

4. A pair of nightstands

The nightstands don't necessarily need to match, but it is important to have two if possible! In order to have two you also need space on both sides of your bed. This lets the universe know that you desire to cultivate a balanced partnership (current or future). From the healing standpoint, when a bed is placed next to the wall, the side of our body against the wall is not able to develop or heal as well. Ideally for health it's best to allow chi to flow around all sides of you (sides, top, and bottom) to allow for healing and support while sleeping.

5. A pair of rose quartzes

I have a pair of softly tumbled rose quartz in a handmade ceramic heart in the relationship area of my bedroom. (The relationship area is the far right corner if you're standing looking into your bedroom.) The pair are like two peas in a pod, slightly different but snuggly together in one heart. Rose quartz is amazing for emotional healing, trust, and harmony within oneself as well as with a partner or family. The relationship area also works on relationships with our self-love and mother.

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6. A black journal or notebook with a red pen

My mind speeds away with ideas and to-do lists in preparation for the next day, and this is the opposite of what I need to wind down when going to bed. A journal to jot down my ideas is an essential ritual to prepare myself for a healing time of rest. You can also inspire your dreams with a ritual in which you write down a question you wish to contemplate. Why black and red? Black represents the knowledge and wisdom I want to write down and remember. The red pen is protective, auspicious, and gives a little magic to the thought.

7. A fabric to cover electronics

If you have chose to have a television and/or computer in your bedroom, I recommend a beautiful and neutral fabric to cover the screen when you are sleeping. In my bedroom, we've created a tent of sorts with soft white fabric panels. My husband loves it! He thinks it's like this fluffy pillow of walls around us. I love it because it separates us from the electronics that disrupt our sleep. Textiles also create a flowing texture in our bedrooms that can envelop us in soft chi.

8. Greenhouse plant

Green plants work to bring restorative nature energy into our spaces. The color green is not only soothing to the eyes, but studies have shown that it promotes healing. Plants are silent healing beings that share their good energy with us. On a practical level, plants provide oxygen and remove carbon monoxide and other harmful substances from the air so that we can breathe well in our bedrooms.

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9. Flower essences

I'm a big fan and user of flower essences. At any given time you can find me with little brown glass dropper bottles everywhere! In the bedroom I have a set in the top drawer of my nightstand. I especially love Inner Peace and Quiet Mind anointing oils by LotusWei. I apply the anointing oils on my pulse points, neck, and the back of my neck. The scent is heavenly and the energetics of the flowers creates a calm and healing rest time for me.

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