Chakras 101: What They Are + Why You Should Care

Have you ever felt disconnected from your life, to the point that suddenly you are not sure what the meaning is? One minute, you feel fine, and the next you’re staring into space feeling that nothing you do has much meaning at all?

You might not know how to process these emotions in the best way. I teach yoga and meditation, and my best advice for these situations is to just put your hand on your heart and breathe fully inward and fully outward for a few minutes. Suddenly a feeling of great comfort overcomes the whole body and the mind goes from a state of confusion to a level of contentment.

What changed for this to happen? Your mind went from focusing on an outer dimension to connecting with an inner energy center called Anahata. This energy center, or chakra, is the place where our inner teacher has its home. This home doesn't have doors or walls and is always accessible to you.

Through the practices set out in my mbg course about harnessing your spiritual energy, you will be able to accomplish this and access all your chakras. There are seven main chakras in our body and head, but there are many more of them around our system. These main chakras distribute not just food and liquid around our body but also our very vital energy called prana. This vital energy is what feeds us the power we need to tackle life and all that is thrown at us each day. It’s through learning to practice these simple yogic techniques of pranayama or repeating specific mantras I've outlined that chakras become accessible and ready to use.

Here are main points to remember about Chakras:

1. Chakras are energy and control centers that distribute energy around our systems.

2. Chakras cannot be seen as they are not physical, so we access them through things like breathing and meditation practices.

3. If your chakras are open and flowing with energy you will feel like you can accomplish any task that is handed to you.

4. When all chakras are kept unlocked, your body will be able to stay healthy and free of any ailment.

5. Your lifestyle and habits play a big part in keeping these energy centers healthy and productive.

6. As chakras are the connection of all channels that distribute all of our energy to our mind and body, keeping them clear ensures that we have vitality and creative energy flowing at all times.

Chakras are a part of a greater healing system that helps to keep our body pain-free and our mind focusing on not just thoughts but what our greater purpose is in this lifetime. Most people are very confused about why they exist and where they should be focusing their energy. When chakras are open and flowing, all doubts are replaced by great enthusiasm and an eagerness to keep moving forward with living life in the very best way that we can. This is not a promise but a fact.

For more information on chakras, check out my course, Chakras 101: How To Harness Your Spiritual Energy for Better Sex, Sleep, and Better Moods.

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Yogi Cameron
Yogi Cameron
Yogi Cameron left the world of high fashion to pursue the Yogic path in India, and has studied...
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Yogi Cameron
Yogi Cameron
Yogi Cameron left the world of high fashion to pursue the Yogic path...
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