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FDA Investigates Chemical Absorption Of Sunscreen (It's About Time)

While the Environmental Working Group has been warning us for years about the dangers of some chemical sunscreens, we're happy to see that the FDA is...

Christina Coughlin
16 hours ago

There Are So Many Acne Patches — Here Are 10 That Actually Work

A pimple that heals faster without the scab and scar? Sounds like magic, no?

Alexandra Engler
January 7

This Serum Stick Is Here To Save Your Tired Winter Skin

File this under things I will never leave my home without again.

Alexandra Engler
January 2

CoverGirl Goes Clean With A $10 Collection & It's All About The Glow

All of us self-designated #covergirls have our wallets at the ready.

Jamie Schneider
December 16 2019

8 Sleep-Inducing Bedtime Rituals For Better Rest

These science-backed ways help lull our physical and mental states into sweet, sweet sleep.

Krista Soriano
December 16 2019

4 Minimalist-Approved Tips For Organizing & Arranging Your Makeup

We consulted them on the best ways to organize your growing mountain of products.

Jamie Schneider
December 15 2019