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The Most Consumed Oil In The US Can Change The Brain (For The Worse)

Soybean oil is considered the most widely produced and consumed oil in America.

Sarah Regan
January 17

New Research Finds This One Emotion Drives Addictive Behavior The Most

This emotion may be the strongest factor in triggering addictive behavior.

Sarah Regan
January 12

Is Your Mindset Sabotaging Your Happiness? Here's What To Do

The key to happiness may paradoxically come down to accepting unhappiness, research has found.

Sarah Regan
January 6

One Gift Idea With Mental Health Benefits You Probably Haven't Thought Of

This holiday season, the gift of therapy is now one of the easiest to give.

Krista Soriano
December 9 2019

On The Pill & Feeling Moody? Part Of Your Brain May Have Shrunk

Hormonal birth control might be shrinking this part of the brain.

Abby Moore
December 4 2019

This Is Why Sexism May Increase Women's Likelihood Of Depression

Living in a sexist society is kind of like having a constant feeling of drowning.

Sarah Fielding
December 4 2019

The One Thing You Should Start Doing Today To Boost Your Well-Being

We’ve all heard at some point, that life is about the little things. But a new study by Penn State University...

Sarah Regan
November 25 2019

New Study Finds A Simple Science-Backed Way To Boost Confidence

Certain behaviors point to low self-esteem, but a new study found limiting them can have the opposite effect.

Sarah Regan
November 23 2019

These Kids Are More Likely To Face Mental Health Problems, Study Finds

We need to figure out ways to better support LGBTQ+ kids.

Kelly Gonsalves
November 20 2019

This Is How Much Exercise You Need To Offset Seasonal Depression

A new study shows you can lower your odds of getting hit with a depressive episode.

Georgina Berbari
November 5 2019

New Research Finds A Link Between Itchy Skin & Depression

It may be important for your mental health to cease your scratching.

Jamie Schneider
October 31 2019

Scientists Find What Lack Of Motivation Looks Like In The Brain

This research could pave the way for more personalized treatments for depression.

Jamie Schneider
October 28 2019

Seasonal Changes Can Be Tough: Here Are 3 Strategies To Stay Balanced

You'll stay balanced when you're overwhelmed during seasonal transitions.

Judith Orloff, M.D.
October 22 2019