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How Your Birth Chart Can Help You Find Your Soulmate, From An Astrologer

Kayse Budd M.D.
August 22, 2023
Kayse Budd M.D.
Holistic Psychiatrist & Astrologer
By Kayse Budd M.D.
Holistic Psychiatrist & Astrologer
Kayse Budd, M.D., aka The Astro Muse, is a holistic psychiatrist, astrologer, artist, and yogi.

Chances are, you already know a few soulmates. You may not know your "soulmate partner," but you have probably been friends with, and even dated several people, who are indeed soulmates. In this article, I'll help you recognize soulmates when you meet them—I cannot tell you exactly where to look, but I can tell you what to look for. 

During my 14 years as an astrologer, I've developed a system for understanding the types of people our souls are karmically destined to meet. The resultant "Soulmate Map" is based on patterns I've validated in hundreds of clients, as well as myself. In the following paragraphs, I'll explain how to create your own Soulmate Map based on unique indicators of astrologic attraction in your chart.

What's a "soulmate" again?

First, let's discuss terminology. I define soulmates as "friends from the other side (the spirit world) we meet in this lifetime to help us both achieve karmic (soul-directed) objectives."

Most people have a handful of central soulmates they meet at key times for significant purposes. One or two of your "central soulmates" may be in your family; others might be friends, bosses, mentors, colleagues, and romantic interests at various stages of your journey. Usually, there is instant recognition when you meet these people.

In addition to your handful of central soulmates, there are multiple peripheral soulmates in each life. These are individuals you've likely met in other lives and with whom you have minor soul contracts (karma). You may not be as close with these soulmates, but there's still an obvious resonance and purpose that reveals itself in time. 

The magic of connection

It is inspiring to imagine that people are in our lives for a reason. Life can be lonely, and soulmates help us feel connected. They also help us learn or achieve things that would be hard to accomplish on our own.

I have met quite a few people I believe to be soulmates, and those relationships have been the most meaningful in my life, and I want to share my soulmate secrets so you can know your soulmates when you see them.

Usually, you'll accomplish this using your intuition, including the comfort, attraction, and familiarity you feel around them. This feeling makes you pursue and develop the relationship.

One benefit of knowing your Soulmate Map is when you encounter people who trip your intuition and match your soulmate astrological patterns, you can enter the connection confidently, with a full investment of energy.

Setting up the soulmate map

Astrologically, one clear indicator of a soulmate is someone whose personal planets (sun, moon, Mars, Venus, or Mercury) or ascendant form an aspect (aka an angular connection) with your karmic line.

Conjunctions are the most compelling aspects for soulmates, but tight (0 to 3-degree) squares (challenging) or trines (easeful) can also convey karmic connection.

The karmic line is the north and south nodal axis, a 180-degree "line" in an astrology chart. The north node is related to goals and objectives your soul is reaching toward in this lifetime, while the south node shows where you are coming from in previous lives (specifically relevant to this one) and earlier in this life (family circumstances).

People you meet in this life but know from other lives will often have planets located within a few degrees of your south node (forming a conjunction). If your south node is at 23 degrees Aries, for example, and you keep connecting with people whose sun, moon, rising sign, Venus, Mercury, or Mars is around 21 to 25 degrees Aries, you possibly knew each other in a past life.

The planet that connects to your north node also gives some indication of the nature of the previous relationship. If someone's personal planet or ascendant connects with your north node, you probably have an assignment, karmically, to complete together in this lifetime. If your north nodes themselves form a tight trine, square, or opposition to each other, this, too, can suggest a karmic contract.

What's your type for friendship?

Soulmate-level friends often have a planet that aligns with your nodes, but there's an additional pattern to consider for even more information and variety. This pattern has to do with the sign on your 11th-house cusp (the friend/social part of the chart) and additional placements within that house.

If Taurus, for example, is on your 11th house cusp, you will be drawn into friendships with people who have Taurus sun, moon, or rising signs. If Gemini is also in the 11th house, you'll probably have important social connections with Geminis, as well.

Depending on the planets in this part of your chart, those connections may be easy or challenging. If you have Mars in Gemini in the 11th house, for example, you may get into disagreements with Gemini friends. This likely serves a karmic purpose.

If Venus is in Taurus in the 11th house, you'll (probably) have close, easeful friendships with people who have prominent Taurus placements.

What's your type for partnership?

Partnership is shown in the seventh house of an astrology chart. The sign on your seventh-house cusp shows a sign you are karmically drawn toward for deeper connection. This sign could be a business partner, life partner (romantic and beyond), deep friendship, and/or a family member.

You can get along well and accomplish much with people who have important astrological placements (personal planets or rising sign) in the sign on your seventh house cusp.

The other sign and any planets in this house further describe energies your soul is seeking in partner-level connections. If your partners, close friends, and colleagues do not have these energies, your soul will feel that "something is missing"—and it is. Your soul has planned to work with this energy. If it is absent, objectives go unmet and you eventually feel restless.

An interesting nuance is that connections that match the sign on your seventh-house cusp may end up being positive OR painful (or a bit of both). This is because people fitting your seventh-house pattern easily draw you into intimacy and vulnerability (exposing your beauty, as well as your buttons).

Healing your buttons creates more beauty, however, so even difficult seventh-house connections provide a sacred service to your soul. 

What's your type for romance?

Romance is shown by the fifth house in astrology. The sign on the fifth-house cusp reveals (or "maps") your type for sexual and romantic attraction. You may sometimes be drawn to people who fit your seventh or 11th-house patterns, but if they don't match your fifth house, you usually won't "fall" for them.

Your fifth-house pattern shows something your soul needs to learn when it comes to love, sex, and romance. If potential love interests don't meet these soul needs, there won't be enough to keep you engaged.

If there are planets in the fifth house, these become part of your "type." Soulmate-level lovers need to have these energies to be a match for you. The second sign in your fifth house is also important, especially if you have planets or other placements there (like part of fortune, asteroids, or the nodes).

Sometimes you connect deeply with people who fit your partnership needs but not your romantic needs. In this case, you feel a connection—but there's minimal sexual attraction. The converse also happens. You may feel a powerful sexual attraction to someone, but if they don't fit your seventh-house pattern, you usually won't be able to create a stable long-term bond. 

Venus, Mars & Juno in your chart

Venus and Mars compatibility play a role in attraction and cohesion within a connection, but they aren't the primary determinant of "type." When mapping someone's soulmates, I look at nodes first, then the fifth and the seventh houses, and finally Mars, Venus, and Juno. Sun, moon, and rising sign compatibility are also important in overall relationship harmony.

Often, however, relationships are for learning. Thus, we are sometimes drawn to people who aren't completely compatible. This tension forces us to stretch and compromise.

Planets in the fifth, seventh, and 11th houses can help you see whether your soulmate karma is easeful or challenging. Favorable planets and aspects suggest more easeful relationship karma. Difficult planets and aspects, meanwhile, suggest that relationships may be the area where your soul is learning its most crucial life lessons. 

Juno is the final item on the Soulmate Map. Juno is an asteroid representing marriage or divine partnership. When she is prominently placed in the chart (next to sun, moon, nodes, or a chart angle), a person usually has an important soulmate partner they will meet relatively early in life. The sign, aspects, and house location of Juno reveal specific details about someone's partner-level soulmate connections. 

Understanding your connections

You are attracted to people for a reason, and that reason is your growth. If an attraction is mutual, the connection serves the karmic needs of both people. If an attraction is one-sided, then one person reflects a pattern but the other doesn't. We often take it quite personally if someone doesn't "like us back," but the reality is we don't have the right energy to meet that soul's needs.

We're drawn to our type, and other people are drawn to theirs. Both patterns are met or they aren't. If the patterns align a little, you can connect for a little while. Once you do what is possible within the range of your connection, however, you can no longer ignore the energy that is missing. 

Your Soulmate Map reveals a constellation of energies you are destined to seek, as well as attract. This valuable knowledge can efficiently steer you toward people who match your pattern and away from those who don't. Partnered or not, your Soulmate Map can help you know your own heart.

The takeaway

Your "type" is ultimately within yourself, and you're seeking a reflection of it in another person so you can amplify and share those energies. If you are single and seeking your next (or first) soulmate-partner connection, honor the soulmate patterns within yourself.

Exaggerate the fifth house, seventh house, Venus, Mars, Juno, and north node qualities that represent your soulmate codes. In this way, astrology helps you embrace your soul's truth. Grounded in truth, you can magnetize what is meant for you while gracefully making peace with what is not.

Kayse Budd M.D. author page.
Kayse Budd M.D.
Holistic Psychiatrist & Astrologer

Kayse Budd, M.D., aka The Astro Muse, is a holistic psychiatrist, astrologer, artist, and yogi. Based in SoCal, she is presently a digital nomad. Budd worked at the Chopra Center from 2017-2019 as an intuitive astrologer and integrative psychiatrist. Before Chopra, she taught for Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine for 8 years.

She is a co-author of the Handbook of Wellness Medicine, has published multiple articles as a staff writer for Chopra, and has been featured in Vogue. She loves using astrology to help individuals find their paths, and families understand their children. She calls herself The Astro Muse because her primary goal is to inspire you.