Bridgette Hill


Bridgette Hill became a certified trichologist in 2016 – but her journey to becoming “The Scalp Therapist” began over 20 years ago as an editorial stylist and a top colorist for some of the world’s most recognizable heads of hair. With a wealth of knowledge and a profound understanding of how our physical and mental wellness determine the health of our hair, she found her true calling in caring for an often neglected, yet highly visible part of our body: the scalp.

Trained and certified as a trichologist with the renowned David Kingsley, founder of the World Trichology Society, Bridgette’s unique and highly-specialized approach is rooted in a single guiding principle: heal the body on the inside, see the results on the outside. Her state-of-the-art scalp analysis and treatments deliver visible, long-term results for individuals – while bringing a new perspective on scalp and hair care to the forefront of the industry.