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Strength Training

One Simple (But Super Effective) Exercise For Majorly Toned Arms

It may look easy, but few moves work your deltoids quite like this one.

Sarah Regan
October 1

This Lunge Variation Works Your Glutes Even More (With Less Stress On The Knees)

It's so important to have a strong foundation in any fitness routine.

Sarah Regan
August 27

Spice Up Leg Day With These 12 Squat Variations + The Benefits Of Each

We get it—doing squats every day can get a little monotonous.

Sarah Regan
August 7

The Staple Strength Exercise That'll Fire Up Your Glutes & Core

You can make them easier or harder depending on what you need.

Sarah Regan
July 16

This Beginner-Friendly Exercise Lights Up Your Quads & Glutes In Just A Few Reps

Efficient moves are always a plus—and they're even better if they require no equipment!

Sarah Regan
May 6