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I'm An Eyebrow Expert — Here's How To Optimize Your Brows In 3 Steps

As the '90s showed us, eyebrow trends are not as forgiving as those in the fashion or makeup space.

Hannah Frye
2 days ago

If You're Dealing With Dark Spots On The Body, Look For This In Your Lotion

Not as many body care products prioritize dark spot treatment, yet hyperpigmentation can happen anywhere.

Hannah Frye
2 days ago

Run, Don't Walk: Here's A Hack To Make Any Lip Color Work For You In Seconds

While your favorite concealer or mascara may earn a permanent spot in your daily makeup lineup, lip colors are often more interchangeable.

Hannah Frye
5 days ago

If You Have Itchy Skin, Make Sure You're Getting Enough Of This Ingredient

If you haven't yet tried this smooth, liquid gold of an ingredient, you're in for a treat.

Jamie Schneider
June 24

Is Your Skin Freaking Out From Retinol? Try This Surprising Hack

Retinoids aren't the most self-explanatory product to use—so here's a useful tip.

Hannah Frye
June 14