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An Acne Specialist's Favorite 3 Ingredients For Treating Blemishes

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, we chat about all things acne, including how our guest cares for her own adult acne with these three...

Alexandra Engler
10 hours ago

Glam It Up Or Go Natural: The Perfect, No-Fuss Nail For Any Occasion

Want something that looks sophisticated, without trying too hard? Give this nail a try.

Andrea Jordan
2 days ago

Reviewers Are Saying This Body Lotion Saves Dry, Winter Skin

Sometimes the best advice comes straight from the buyers: Does it work or not? Here's what real mbg postbiotic body lotion users had to say.

Alexandra Engler
2 days ago

Did You Know This Sneaky Habit Can Potentially Cause Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are unavoidable at some point, but this can speed up the aging process.

Jamie Schneider
January 14

Is This Famous Skin Care Ingredient The Secret To Plump, Soft Lips?

One of my favorite ingredients to get naturally plush lips is hyaluronic acid. Yes, the star ingredient makes a fabulous addition to lip balms.

Alexandra Engler
January 13

What Radical Self-Care Is & Why It's So Essential For Black Women

"The act of self-care has become critical to surviving in the modern world, especially as a Black woman."

Oludara Adeeyo, ASW
January 11

Every Tip Imaginable: How To Actually Hydrate Your Skin

At the risk of making an obvious claim: Everyone must moisturize their skin—not just if you have naturally dry and sensitive skin.

Alexandra Engler
January 10