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Hydration Rules: The 4 Facts & Myths You Need To Know About Water

Getting into a hydration habit is the No. 1 thing you can do for your wellness, so let's take it one rule at a time.

Devon Barrow
July 16
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The Guide To Healthy Summer Hydration: A Flavor For Every Occasion

Because while we all have the best intentions to hydrate, sometimes we need extra motivation.

Devon Barrow
June 29
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Mood Making: How Drinking More Water Can Benefit Your Emotions

Perhaps it's the fact that our bodies are 60% water, but it seems to make intuitive sense that drinking more water greatly benefits our emotions.

Devon Barrow
June 17
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The Hydration Habit: 5 Creative Ways To Drink More Water

Check out these creative ways to help turn hydration into a habit.

Devon Barrow
June 4

This Is The First Thing A Neuroscientist Checks When Patients Have Brain Fog

She sees plenty of patients looking to cut through the mental noise and feel sharp once again.

Do You *Always* Get Up To Pee In The Middle Of The Night? This Could Be Why

Some of us are used to getting up in the middle of the night to pee; others less so.


The Sparkling Water Obsession: 5 Recipes Based On Personality Type

With endless medleys of flavors, garnishes, and variations, how do you figure out which combo is quintessential "you"? Look no further!

Devon Barrow
April 8