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I Tried Being A Minimalist: Here Are My Decluttering Regrets

This is dedicated to all aspiring minimalists.

Lindsay Kellner
September 1 2017

How To Unlock The Mental Benefits Of Minimalism

"That’s one of the powerful things about decluttering: You’ll almost always be rewarded for your efforts."

Kerri Richardson
August 14 2017

How Your Clutter Is Harming Your Health

Surround yourself with things that bring you joy—and let everything else go.

Lili Pettit
July 11 2017

9 Ways Decluttering My Morning Routine Has Made Me Happier & More Productive

What one mindbodygreen editor discovered when she simplified her morning routine.

Lindsay Kellner
June 15 2017

The Psychological Reason You Can't Declutter

Why do some of us have such a hard time getting rid of stuff?

H.G. McKinnis
June 3 2017

You Only Need 8 Minutes To Make Your Home Look Like You've Been Cleaning All Day

The key is wiping down the surfaces they'll actually touch.

Courtenay Hartford
May 18 2017

This Is The Best Decluttering Advice We've Ever Heard

Call it spring fever, but it seems like just about everyone we know has been on a decluttering kick lately.

Emma Loewe
April 21 2017

The Household Items You Need To Throw Out ASAP (According To A Feng Shui Expert)

Sorry to say that your cactus could be doing more harm than good.

Anjie Cho
April 13 2017

Spring Has Sprung! 5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind, Body & Spirit

You clean out your closet—why not take inventory of your relationships, too?

Laney Zukerman
April 8 2017

These Easy Hacks Are The Secret To A Clean, Blissed-Out Home

"It takes anywhere from 7 to 21 days to form a new habit, so don't expect yourself to become Martha Stewart overnight."

Emma Loewe
April 1 2017

Tossing These Things From Your Home Will Make You Way Less Stressed

Here's how to make your home a worry-free zone.

Emma Clark
March 26 2017

The Mindset Shift That Turned Me From A Hoarder Into A Minimalist

"Every year, I made a New Year's resolution to win back the use of my room; to address the clutter habit head-on, square-shouldered, steely-eyed....

Eve O. Schaub
March 16 2017

10 Signs It's Time To Declutter Your Life & Become A Minimalist

6. You're already craving the iPhone 8.

Tyson Popplestone
March 10 2017

The 3 Decluttering Mistakes Everyone Makes

A professional organizer and clutter healer breaks it down.

Lili Pettit
February 2 2017

Does Your Space Support Your Intentions? Use This Holistic Home Checklist To Find Out

As a feng shui consultant, I encourage my clients to view their home as the holder of their dreams.

Jayme Barrett
January 25 2017

Why You Should Consider Downsizing + How To Make It Happen: A Real Estate Agent Explains

Downsizing, it turns out, comes paired with surprising positive effects on health and happiness.

Matt Parker
January 24 2017

3 Simple Things You Can Do To Organize Your Life Right Now

You know how the saying goes: "Out with the old, and in with the new."

Francesca Verri
January 16 2017

Be Instantly Happier At Home: A Psychologist Tells Us How

Don't let your home hinder your happiness.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo
January 12 2017