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5 Organizational Upgrades To Bring More Sustainability Into Your Home

July 13, 2022
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Image by Valentina Barreto / Stocksy
July 13, 2022

You probably already know that getting your home organized can improve your well-being. But did you know that getting organized can also have a powerful effect on the well-being of the planet?

In a lot of ways, organization and sustainability go hand in hand. Editing out unnecessary items and clearing out clutter naturally tends to decrease your carbon footprint. But why stop there? By leaning on The Container Store for sustainable organizing solutions and cleaning products (psst—they have over 1,600 of them), it's easy to up your sustainability game around your entire home. Keep reading for more ideas on eco-friendly organizing.

Image by The Container Store / Contributor

The kitchen is a great place to start.

The way you organize and store food provides many opportunities to live more sustainably. By ensuring that all your food is visible, cans, jars, and boxes are less likely to go unnoticed and expire. Tiered organizers made of acacia or bamboo and turntables are a great way to make sure items in the back are elevated and accessible. Second, by storing food in sustainable canisters and bins, you're cutting down on your environmental impact: 

1. Shop the bulk aisle. 

Next time you head to the grocery store (with your *reusable* shopping bag), head to the bulk aisle—the section with plastic dispensers full of foods like nuts, seeds, rice, flour, etc. Instead of buying individually packaged items, fill up a produce bag with food from the dispenser, and once home, transfer it to a glass container, like these Marie Kondo Module Glass Canisters from The Container Store. Not only does this cut down on wasteful packaging materials, but also your pantry will look prettier and your food will stay fresher. 

The Container Store’s Marie Kondo Collection

2. Opt for responsibly sourced products. 

Of course, glass canisters aren't the only sustainable containers. There's nothing better than pantry shelves that are neatly organized with categorized bins. And if you haven't embarked on such a project yet, you're officially missing out (and so is your label maker). However, when shopping for organizational bins, do your due diligence. Opt for sustainable products that are made from renewable materials. For the pantry, we love The Home Edit All-Purpose Bins, made from responsibly sourced Paulownia hardwood, but for closets or any other storage rooms, the Nordic Storage Baskets are great—both available exclusively at The Container Store

The Container Store’s The Home Edit Collection

3. Ditch single-use resealable bags. 

Sometimes baggies are just easier; we get it. Whether you're trying to group loose desktop items, organize your kids' crafting materials, or preserve the freshness of an opened bag of cookies, resealable bags come in handy—and they're certainly less bulky than other containers. But that doesn't mean you have to resort to single-use, plastic bags. Toss the ziplocks (after using them of course; no waste allowed!) and stock up on reusable baggies. For miscellaneous household items, grab some of these Marie Kondo Kawaii Pouches, but for foods, Stasher Bags are the way to go. 

4. Keep produce fresh longer. 

A large part of reducing your carbon footprint includes cutting down on waste—wilted, uneaten lettuce, we're looking at you. When it's time for a refrigerator re-org, consider investing in The Home Edit Fridge Storage Solution to reduce the amount of food that has to be thrown out before getting the chance to eat it. With an array of multifunctional products that help to maximize space in your fridge, each bin is designed to keep moisture away and preserve freshness. To level up, you can also throw one of these FreshPaper Food Sheets into each container—we're talking mold-free berries for dayyyys.

5. Clean sustainably. 

Cleaning supplies are one category of household items that tend to go pretty quickly. Even if you're not wiping down countertops daily like some of us neat freaks (*present*), at the very least you're likely doing laundry once a week and running the dishwasher more frequently than that. And while we're not here to tell you to pump the brakes—because who doesn't love fresh laundry and sparkling countertops—we are here to tell you that powerful cleaners don't have to come in wasteful packaging. 

The Container Store's Blueland collection consists of cleaning supplies made with sustainability in mind—and no harmful ingredients. From laundry detergent to dishwasher soap to household cleaner and more, Blueland provides a reusable bottle or container for each product, with refill tablets sold in compostable packaging. Less clutter in your cabinets and less impact on the planet.

The Container Store’s Blueland Collection

No more throwing out bottles!

Healthy planet, healthy you. 

Anyone else itching to start organizing? If not for yourself, do it for the planet. But we promise, you'll feel better too. In fact, research shows that clearing out clutter positively affects your ability to focus1, your mental health2, and your physical health. Essentially there is no downside to tidying up—plus it's an excuse to go to The Container Store. Happy cleaning!

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