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24 Gifts That Are Perfect For Couples In Long-Distance Relationships

Sarah Regan
January 26, 2022
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
January 26, 2022
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Anyone who's experienced a long-distance relationship knows it's not easy, requiring that much more intention and effort to keep the connection alive. One way to remind your partner you care, even from afar? The perfect gift. So, from simple and sweet to high-tech and futuristic, we rounded up 24 gift options sure to go the distance.

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Keeping the spark alive while long distance.

Along with scheduling regular FaceTime dates, planning trips to see each other when possible, and continuing to connect from a distance, giving your partner gifts is a great way to strengthen your relationship, no matter the miles.

As clinical psychologist Nicole Beurkens, Ph.D., tells mbg, "Giving gifts lets the receiver know you're thinking about and care for them, which strengthens the emotional bond. This is beneficial in all relationships, but especially where distance is an issue because it's much easier to feel disconnected over time."

She adds that it also certainly doesn't hurt to have gifts around that remind you of them. "Having items your partner has given you in your immediate physical environment provides opportunities to think of them, and to be reminded of your connection with them," she explains.

(Here's our full guide for making long-distance relationships work, by the way.)

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Tips for giving long-distance gifts.

The gifts you give your partner will obviously depend a lot on who they are, what kinds of things they like, and what their love language is. (For some people, gift giving itself is their love language, but even those with other love languages will have their own preferences for gifts.)

According to licensed marriage and family therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, the most important thing to focus on when gifting is the meaning behind it. "Gift-giving can be really special, even if it's not one of your love languages. The thing people care about is the meaning behind it," she previously told mbg.

She adds that you definitely don't need to break the bank to give a meaningful gift. If they're a words of affirmation type, for example, you could send them a love letter. "The personal aspect of it just really makes us feel seen, heard, validated, and accepted for who we are," she says.

And of course, you can make your gift-giving even more special by totally surprising them, therapist and relationship expert Ken Page, LCSW, previously recommended to mbg.

24 gifts ideas:

1. An Airbnb gift card

Ready for a getaway with your special someone? How about sending them an Airbnb gift card to let them know you've got the accommodations covered—and they can pick the place! Not only will it give you both a trip to look forward to, but your partner will know you're prioritizing making time for them.

Gift cards from Airbnb

airbnb / airbnb

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2. The perfect weekend duffel

And speaking of traveling to see each other, help them do it in style with a stylish weekend bag. Whether they use it as a carry-on or stow it in their car's trunk, they'll be thinking of you the whole time they pack their things.

ReNew Transit Weekender by Everlane, $85

Everlane / Everlane

3. Bond Touch bracelets

This high-tech bracelet is ideal for couples who miss their partner's touch. You simply sync your bracelets to the Bond Touch app, and your partner's bracelet will gently vibrate whenever you want, to let them know you're thinking of them—anywhere in the world.

Bond Touch Bracelets by Bond, $108

Bond Touch / Bond Touch

4. Long-distance lamps

A similar concept to the bracelets above, these colorful lamps are a great way to let your person know they're on your mind. The lamps sync to an app, and at the touch of button, your partner's lamp will light up, and they'll know you're thinking of them.

Friendship Lamp by Friendship Lamps, $94.99

Friendship Lamps / Friendship Lamps
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5. Pillow Talk

While you may not be sharing pillows these days, these nifty bracelets by Little Riot are the next best thing. You both wear a wristband to bed and place a small speaker under your pillow. The wristband then picks up both of your heartbeats and sends them to each other's pillow, so it's almost like they're right there.

Pillow Talk by Little Riot, $185

Little Riot / Little Riot

6. Titan & Cliona Couples Set

If you're missing physical intimacy, KIIROO is a great brand to look into, according to sex educator Dirty Lola. This set of long-distance sex toys includes a stroker for a partner with a penis and an internal toy for vaginal use, which can connect and sync with each other from anywhere in the world. (There are also sets with two strokers or two internal toys!)

Titan & Cliona Couples Set by KIIROO, $229


7. A book subscription service

Is your partner an avid reader? The subscription service Book of the Month would be a great gift option to consider, supplying your partner with a new book every month that they get to choose. (Bonus points because reading will help pass the time until they can see you again!)

Monthly book subscription by Book of the Month, $12.50 to $16.67

Book of the Month / Book of the Month
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8. A snack subscription service

Honestly, who doesn't love snacking? This snack subscription service is extra exciting because it features all kinds of treats from around the world. Whether your partner likes traveling, trying things from different cultures, or simply eating new foods, they'll think of you every time they snack!

Yum Box by Universal Yum, starting at $15

Universal Yums / Universal Yums

9. Letters to Open When...

If your partner is into words of affirmation, or you just want to express your love in words, this booklet includes prompts like, "Open when you're looking for inspiration," and "Open when you need to make a big decision." You fill it out, send it, and your partner opens them one by one as needed.

Letters to Open When... by Lea Redmond, $14.95

Write now. Read later. Treasure forever:Letters to Open When / Write now. Read later. Treasure forever:Letters to Open When

10. The And

Just because you're long distance doesn't mean you have to stop getting to know each other! With The And, which is a deck of question prompts, you're sure to explore lots of deep topics. They even have editions for new couples, long-term couples, and friends.

The And, Couples Addition by The And, $29

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11. Max 2 and Nora Long Distance Set

Another couples sex toy option, this set is app-controlled, so you and your partner can still please each other from afar. According to sex educator Portia Brown, Lovense toys "can respond to music, and their matching toys respond to each other." She notes that this set is more geared for heterosexual couples, but same-gender couples can also make it work.

Max 2 and Nora Long Distance Set by Lovense, $190

Lovense / Lovense

12. A scrapbook to save all your memories

When an S.O. is away, photos of your favorite memories can go a long way in reminding you of all the special moments you've shared. So, naturally, a scrapbook that compiles all those beautiful pictures in one place is a great gift option for any LDR.

Large photo album by Vienrose, $19.99

Vienrose / Vienrose

13. Art to commemorate your special song

If you and your partner have a song, this personalized acrylic song art by witfox turns it into a special and displayable plaque that can play the song with just a quick scan on your phone. You can also add a photo of you two, to make it extra customizable.

Personalized Song Art by witfox, $15.99

witfox / witfox

14. Use Your Mouth

Another conversation-starter couples' game, Use Your Mouth was created by sexologist Shamyra Howard and was recommended to mbg by sex therapist De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson, LCSW, CST. These cards are great for asking questions you may not normally ask, she says.

Use Your Mouth by Shamyra Howard, $28.99

Shamyra Howard / Shamyra Howard

15. A personalized map print

This cute and customizable print by Canary Road allows you to pick your two respective locations, which they turn into a decorative keepsake for your partner. Not only does it make for a sentimental decor option, but it will always remind them of you when they see it.

Personalized Two State Paper Art Print by Canary Road, $20

Canary Road / Canary Road

16. Personalized map mugs

Similar to the print above, but instead on a mug, these "long distance" mugs by Cupology are perfect for the partner who always seems to be sipping a warm beverage. What better way to start your day than with a coffee that doubles as a romantic gesture?

Custom Quote Long Distance State Mug by Cupology, $21.95

Cupology / Cupology

17. A travel pillow that doubles as a massager

Everyone needs a neck massage once in a while, and since you're not there to give your partner one yourself, this travel pillow and neck massager can do the job! Plus, it'll make travel that much more comfy next time they visit you.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow & Neck Massager with Heat by Comfier, $54.99

Comfier / Comfier

18. A countdown clock

Speaking of visiting each other, what better way to build the anticipation than with this countdown clock by AIMILAR? Set your date, send it off to your partner, and let the countdown begin!

Digital countdown timer by AIMILAR, $16.99


19. A sweet & special spoon

Another great option for the avid warm-beverage enthusiast, this sweet spoon reads, "Stir your tea and think of me." Cute, huh? And may we suggest pairing it with the aforementioned mugs for an extra-special surprise?

Stir Your Tea and Think of Me Spoon by Boston Creative Company, $12.99

Boston Creative Company / Boston Creative Company

20. A digital picture frame

If you're doubting your scrapbook abilities but still like the idea of getting all your favorite pictures together in one place, this digital picture from by Skylight is just the thing you need. Whenever your partner sees it, they'll be greeted by different pictures of the two of you.

Digital frame by Skylight, $159

Skylight Frame / Skylight Frame

21. A love language card game

One more conversation card game—because you really never stop getting to know each other! This deck includes 150 cards with five categories: family, intimacy, couple, individual, and past and future. And the prompts also happen to be inspired by relationship experts to deepen connection.

Love Lingual Card Game by FLUYTCO, $24.95


22. A weighted blanket

Perfect for the partner who's missing cuddles, a weighted blanket can help swaddle them in comfort while you're apart. This True Temp weighted blanket by Sleep Number is super breathable, so they can stay cool and comfortable.

True Temp Weighted Blanket by Sleep Number, $199

Sleep Number / Sleep Number

23. A love note messenger box

These little "love boxes" are an extra special way to send your partner messages, photos, and more. They sync to an app, so you and your partner can swap messages back and forth, and the little heart on the box spins when you get a new message.

Lovebox for Lovers by Lovebox, $134.99

Lovebox / Lovebox

24. A self-care subscription service

And last but not least, why not gift your partner a self-care subscription box? LDRs are challenging after all, and we could all use some pampering from time to time. This service will supply them with new self-care tools every month.

Monthly self-care box by TheraBox, $34.99

TheraBox / TheraBox

The bottom line.

Long-distance relationships take work, and if you really want to go the extra mile, sending your partner a thoughtful gift to show you care can mean the world to them. Of course, gifting isn't the only factor in making an LDR last, but along with healthy communication and continued effort, your relationship can thrive from anywhere in the world.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.