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The Hands-Free Orgasm: 25 Ways To Reach Orgasm Without Using Your Hands

Alex Shea
By Alex Shea
mbg Contributor
Alex Shea is a freelance sex and relationships writer based in Texas. She studied Life Sciences at San Jacinto College and has a journalism certificate from the University of Michigan.
Kristie Overstreet, Ph.D., LPCC, LMHC, CST
Expert review by
Kristie Overstreet, Ph.D., LPCC, LMHC, CST
Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist
Kristie Overstreet, Ph.D., LPCC, LMHC, CST, is a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist with 12 years of clinical experience. She is a licensed counselor in California, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. She is also a certified sex therapist, certified addiction professional, and president of the Therapy Department, a private practice in Orange County that provides counseling services throughout the United States.

There are many ways to have an orgasm, and not all of them have to involve using your hands. Yes, hands-free orgasms are a thing.

Here are a bunch of techniques you can experiment with if you're curious.

What is a hands-free orgasm?

"A hands-free orgasm is any type of sexual climax that does not involve the use of hands or digits of the person experiencing the orgasm," says adult performer and licensed psychotherapist Jet Setting Jasmine.

There's more emphasis on how the other parts of your body aid in your sexual pleasure

There's no one way to define what counts as "hands-free." If you aren't using your hands to stimulate your body, then you can consider it hands-free.

It may involve using toys, energies, breathwork, household items, other parts of the body, or just the mind.

If you want a truly hands-free experience, you can opt for a technique that doesn't include anyone else's hands either or even a technique that's totally touch-free.

"We can tap into a deeper sense of pleasure if we start to widen our experience of our own internal sexual terrain," certified sex and dating coach Myisha Battle, M.S., tells mbg.

Hands-free orgasm techniques

Erotic hypnosis

"A powerful place to start exploring hands-free orgasms is meditation and breathwork," says Battle. Erotic hypnosis is a guided meditation that can bring you to climax or immense pleasure.

You practice this technique by letting a hypnotist put you into a trance-like state where you're immersed in a sexual fantasy. This deep "relaxation through meditation helps you access erotic energy," Battle explains, and it doesn't involve any actual physical stimulation.

You can search online for an erotic hypnosis video to give it a try, or get in touch with a sexuality professional who offers this service.

Orgasmic breathing

Orgasmic breathing is the practice of conscious breathing to experience sexual pleasure. By focusing on your breathing, you're able to channel your energy through your body.

Instead of restricting your pleasure, you make space for every kind of sensation. Tantric sex educator Barbara Carrrellas offers a helpful audio guide to try it out.

BDSM and sensual play

BDSM is about expanding your conscious mind and playing with the boundaries around sensation and power. "There are bodily sensations that are not necessarily sexual that can sometimes cause a sexual response," Battle explains.

A lot of the sexual charge of BDSM and other kinky play comes from types of touch and impact that don't necessarily involve genital stimulation, such as spanking, rope play, and temperature play.

Communicate with your partner about boundaries, safe words, and expectations before exploring.

Tantric sex

Tantric sex involves the ancient practice of Tantra, which comes from India. Tantra is a way to weave yourself with another, a way to connect on a deeper level.

It involves breathing deeply, remaining present, and moving slowly. Many tantric practices don't involve direct genital stimulation and yet produce orgasmic feelings—for example, tantric eye gazing or tantric massage.

The energy orgasm

Energy orgasm is about separating sensations so you can enjoy one even when you don't have the other.

To practice this technique, you will need to learn how to separate physical stimulation from orgasmic pleasure.

Here's mbg's full guide on how to have an energy orgasm.

Water play

Turns out, water is a great source of stimulation for some people. "Remember hands-free is just that," Jasmine notes, "so if you want to use a tool, even a showerhead, that's still hands-free!"

The next time you're in the bath or the shower, get creative! Experiment with the water pressure on different parts of your body. Zero in on the sensations you feel. Toys and hot tubs are also in play.

For people with vulvas, be careful not to spray anything directly into the vagina. Using a showerhead on the clitoris or positioning yourself under a running faucet can feel great, though.

Hump and grind furniture

Clothes are optional for this technique. Grab a pillow or rub your pubis against the sofa. Find a piece of furniture that does it for you and go with it.

Hump and grind with your partner

It's the same concept as humping your furniture but with a warm body pressed against you instead. Clothes are still optional, and you can throw in a few bites or kisses. But no hands!

Nipple play

Some people can orgasm from nipple play alone. Nipple play doesn't have to only involve your nipples, but they should get most of your attention, at least at first.

Feel free to wander around to other areas of your body with a tool or toy of some kind. Or include your partner and do a little nipple play with them. 

Give and receive oral sex

As long as there are no hands involved, oral sex can totally count as a hands-free orgasm technique. While we all know how receiving oral sex can produce orgasms, some people even experience orgasmic feelings while giving oral sex.

If you do tend to dip a finger or two in when you're giving oral sex, leave the digits out. See what happens when you let your mouth do the talking.

Sex toys

Find a toy that works for the experience you're looking for. "Enjoy the rhythm and pressure that this extension of your hands (or your partner's hands) can produce," says Jasmine. 

Some sex toys can provide a particularly hand-free experience too: There are wearable sex toys, remote-controlled sex toys, and air-based sex toys that involve no physical contact at all.

There's also butt plugs, cock rings, nipple clamps, and undies controlled from your phone—and that's only the beginning.

Sex toy mounts

Instead of holding the sex toy yourself, use a sex toy mount or a suction cup dildo to do the work for you. Prop your sex toy of choice up with your mount or suction your dildo onto a flat surface, and let the fun begin.

Core workouts

Coregasms are orgasms you experience from working out. A study in the Sexual and Relationship Therapy journal1 found that they don't rely on existing sexual thoughts or feelings; instead, they're thought to be the result of fatigue around the pelvic area producing a sensation that feels similar to an orgasm.

Though they tend to happen accidentally and aren't that common, they can happen to anyone. To have a coregasm, try focusing on core exercises while adding in Kegel exercises, and use your mind to focus on the sensations in your pelvic region.

The sleep orgasm

Wild enough, wet dreams may be a hands-free orgasm technique you've already experienced! They can happen to anyone, including women.

That mind-body connection is "a function of the body that we don't necessarily lose," Jasmine says. "We just need to work a bit to get reconnected to that function."

You can't control the orgasms you have when you sleep, but sleeping on your stomach may make you more likely to have a sex dream. "When you're lying on your stomach, your genitals are more likely to be activated," sexologist Gigi Engle writes. "Having them pressed against the bed can cause physical stimulation and therefore erotic subconscious thoughts." 


People sometimes report experiencing accidental orgasms from turbulence on airplanes, car rides, and some forms of public transportation.

You may need to position yourself in a certain way to get the right angle. Then, the vibrations from the turbulence do the genital stimulation for you. 


Almost like humping your partner but not quite. The goal of scissoring is friction. This technique is all about genital-on-genital contact. No hands, no toys. Pubis to pubis!


Yes, you can think yourself to orgasm. A 2016 study2 shows how just the thought of pleasure can feel like the real thing. There's a connection between the mind and pleasure.

Marla Renee Stewart, M.A., a sex educator with adult wellness brand Lovers, recommends fantasizing for anyone looking for a more challenging hands-free technique: Imagine taking your saucy daydream one step further, and instead of snapping back into reality, you go with it.

Virtual sex

Take fantasizing to the next level by doing it with a partner via virtual sex. Sexting is huge, and so is phone sex.

It's a great way to access sexual pleasure, especially "for folks with limited mobility or who may have a disability that makes genital stimulation difficult," says Battle.

Dirty talk is also something you can do with anyone from anywhere, whether you're together in person or connecting virtually. 

Watching porn

Believe it or not, watching porn can be a hands-free technique. Spend some time alone or with your partner and watch porn that's ethically created and turns you on.

If you're watching with your partner, you can also use their hands for stimulation. There's even an entire category of porn to watch that shows people having hands-free orgasms of their own, if you need a little inspo.

Erotic audio

Give your ears the front seat and let your sense of sound engage the rest of your body.

As you listen to an intoxicating voice saying all the right things, let your mind visualize the sensations you're experiencing. Here are 10 places to listen to sexy stories.

General tips for hands-free orgasms

Get to know your regular orgasms

If you don't tend to have orgasms with the usual hands-on forms of stimulation, hands-free orgasms may not come any easier.

When you're comfortable with your orgasms in general, hands-free orgasms may come more naturally.

Get aroused beforehand

The best thing to do is to treat this like any other sexual experience. You'll want to do things that make you feel sexy, relaxed, and comfortable. That way, you can focus your mind on the sensations you feel rather than on how awkward not using your hands may be.

Come with a strategy

It's a good idea to have a game plan for how you see your hands-free experience going. If you're having sex with a partner, let them know how you see them participating. Jasmine says going hands-free may be something you want to explore on your own, even if you do have a partner.

If you want to try hands-free for the first time without your partner, awesome. If you want to try hands-free the next time with them, super. Either is OK, but talk with them anyway. 

Be patient with yourself

Hands-free orgasms are like any other act of sex and pleasure. Staying in the moment and being graceful with yourself is crucial to the experience.

Without having that patience with yourself, "you limit yourself in your ability to find this different type of orgasm," says Stewart. No matter how many times you've explored hands-free techniques, patience is vital.  

Practice, practice, and practice some more

"Engaging in hands-free orgasm techniques takes time, patience, and awareness of our own arousal," Stewart says.

You can become more mindful of sensations by practicing edging. When you understand what turns you on, you can pick hands-free techniques that correlate. 

On that note, "Not everything is for everybody," says Stewart. If you don't enjoy a technique, then move on. Listen to your body. If it tells you hands-free isn't your jam, then that's OK. 

The takeaway

"Approach your exploration of hands-free orgasm with a sense of curiosity, and try to tap into any pleasure sensations you feel in your body," says Battle.

Hands-free orgasm is one of the many ways we get to explore and play with sensations.

Anyone is capable of experiencing pleasure in new ways that feel erotic to them. All it takes is a little curiosity.

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