19 Easy Ways To Reaffirm Your Love In A Long-Term Relationship

Whether you’re having one of the best days of your relationship or you’re mid-argument, your partner wants to know you’re still in love. Daily affirmations serve as gentle reminders that you’re still passionate, serious, and planning to stick around for years to come — hopefully forever.

Here are 19 ways to affirm your relationship on a daily basis:

1. Touch.

Physical touch is one of the most tangible ways to show your love. Hold your partner’s hand while you walk through the grocery store. Rub his/her back while watching TV. Touch each other affectionately.

2. Cook.

Go out of your way to make your partner feel special by cooking his or her favorite meal. This gesture shows how much you care about making the other person happy.

3. Write.

Does your partner take lunch to work each day? Write a quick love note and sneak it into the lunch bag or satchel. When s/he’s mid-workday and sees that thoughtful message, your words will feel like a breath of fresh air.

4. Flirt.

When you've been together for a while, it's easy to fall into a routine. That doesn’t mean life has to become boring. Flirt with each other over text or while out on the town. It’ll keep the spark alive.

5. Apologize.

Did you have an argument? An apology will go a long way toward helping you both move past it. Genuinely let your partner know that you’ve learned and are growing. You’ll move past it faster.

6. Surprise.

Is your partner’s favorite band in town? Is there an event s/he’s been dying to go to? Surprise your partner with tickets or an activity he or she has always wanted to try.

7. Share appreciation.

Did your partner go out of her way for you? Share your appreciation with a thank-you card, kind note, or a thoughtful token of gratitude.

8. Be poetic.

Poetry sings to the soul. It’s music to the heart. Pour your heart into an adoring poem or love note and watch the joy it brings to your partner’s face.

9. Laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine. It’s also a fantastic way to connect with someone. Laugh often together about fun memories, at a movie, or over a good comedy show.

10. Do the unexpected.

Your partner knows you well. It’s hard to do something surprising. Break away from ordinary and plant a passionate, unexpected kiss. You’ll leave his head spinning and her heart happy.

11. List.

You’ve done a lot of fun things in your relationship. Create a list or a collage to relive those fun memories. When you do, you’ll arouse a flurry of positive feelings you'll both cherish forever.

12. Create a scavenger hunt.

Hide small clues around your house, apartment, or town. The prize at the end can be a fun-filled date or any kind of surprise you know will make your partner happy.

13. Initiate.

Experiment with something new, fun, and exciting. Take initiative to plan an experience out of your ordinary routine. Shaking things up will make you both excited.

14. Say “I love you.”

Tell your partner how much you love him or her. Say it out loud, with sincerity and conviction.

15. Compliment something specific.

Do you love the way his eyes sparkle when he smiles at you? How about her goofy dance moves that make you roll your eyes but secretly make you laugh on the inside? Pay your partner a compliment for something unexpected.

16. Tackle a chore.

No one loves to do chores Tackle something you know has been nagging at her. She'll be glad to get it off her to-do list, but more importantly, she’ll appreciate that it was you who helped her finish it.

17. Speak your partner’s love language.

What love language does your partner speak? Learn that, and find ways to express it on a daily basis.

18. Let the other person win.

In a relationship, you’re equals. Let the other person win an argument once in a while. It affirms that being together is more important to you than always being right.

19. Schedule time for intimacy.

Give your partner something to look forward to. Carve out some quality time and schedule an intimacy date to keep things fresh.

For more ways to keep your relationship healthy, start here:

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