7 Phrases That Will Make Your Partner Feel Loved & Respected

Great relationships are all about joyful feelings and emotions, experiencing mutual value, and the aligning of intentions as they relate to what you both desire to create and experience in life. These key desires and feelings often need to be experienced and validated. When you feel heard, loved, and respected from the person you're in a committed relationship with, you're in total harmony with your union.

The following are seven simple, yet powerful, expressions that can light up the mind and heart of any spouse or significant other. These don't need to be daily praises, but can be offered at appropriate times. These words must be offered from a place of truth and authenticity. If in person it's best to be looking straight into their eyes when you speak. Your significant other will feel instantly uplifted and most importantly you will feel good that you shared a loving, powerful, and connecting truth!

1. “What can I get you?”

Whether you are at the store on your way home, going to the store, caring for them when they're sick, or just getting up from the couch to go to the kitchen, demonstrating that you're not just thinking of yourself conveys a powerful message to them that they matter to you.

2. “I am grateful you’re in my life.”

This shows how much meaning there is to your partner's presence. It represents the true nature of a partnership and that you are thankful for the fact that they're with you.

3. “You are beautiful inside and out.”

Everyone has their insecurities. When you offer this to another, if even for a moment, it can wash away every one of those insecurities. Putting them at ease and at peace about who they are inside and out will be a huge benefit to the experience of the relationship and connection.

4. “Thank you for all that you do.”

Whether it's for washing the car, doing the laundry, paying the bills, making dinner, caring for the kids, cleaning the house, working long hours or any of the million other things we each have to do every day. Taking a sincere moment to stop and wholeheartedly say, "thank you" can be a very big positive to any relationship.

5. “You turn me on.”

While not necessary for all relationships, intimacy can be a huge connecting and strengthening point. To let your significant other know they're desired emotionally, mentally and sexually by you is a big way to keep any relationship fresh and exciting. Make sure you pick the right moment, and never say this with any expectation of immediate further developments. Saying this without need, but simply because you want to let them know how powerful and attractive they are, can pay big future relationship dividends.

6.I am so in love with you.”

This is a different statement than, “I love you.” The reason is “I love you” carries an expectation that you should hear it back and is often used by many just for this purpose. “I am so in love with you,” is more of a personal statement you’re giving without asking anything in return. Pick a focused time, grab their hand look into their eyes and tell them, “I just wanted you to know.”

7. “I am here for you always.”

When one feels another is committed they will do almost anything for them. To offer this level of commitment to another person is the essence of building the loyalty, trust, and bond that can last a lifetime. It is often in the toughest times of life that this statement is the most important and needed.

Each of these powerful statements can be so uplifting to your partner and to the relationship as a whole. Remember, a happy, peaceful, secure partner is a very big part of a satisfying relationship for you. Conveying what you feel in your heart that elevates another's state of mind is potent and karmic for everything you are looking to feel and experience back. You must give what you truly desire to receive. Being able to say these wonderful things can lead to incalculable positive results for your relationship and your life as a whole. Enriching your relationship in the highest sense.

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