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I'm A HIIT Athlete — Here's How Recovery Rituals In My World Are Changing

The key to recovering after an intense workout.

Krista Stryker
November 2 2018
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I’m a Vegetarian Who Does HIIT Workouts Every Day. This Is What I Eat

All plants? No problem! Here's what this vegan athlete eats to stay strong

Krista Stryker
July 3 2018

Want To Have Better Sex? Give These 5 Workout Moves A Try

Your Valentine's Day is about to get a lot more fun.

Krista Stryker
February 14 2017

The Personality Type That Benefits Most From Exercise

It provides a great dose of "me" time.

Krista Stryker
September 27 2016

Want A Rock-Solid Core? Give These 5 Exercises A Try

All you need is a medicine ball.

Krista Stryker
August 30 2016

Don't Have Time To Work Out? The Only 5 Exercises You Need

Who knew working out could be so simple?

Krista Stryker
July 19 2016

Yes, You Can Get A Great Workout In Just 12 Minutes. Here's How

I used to think that in order for my workout to really count, I had to spend at least 30 to 45 minutes in the gym. Then I started doing high-intensity...

Krista Stryker
June 23 2016

Krista Stryker's Must-Haves For Your Fittest Summer Yet + A Bonus 12-Minute Workout

12-Minute Athlete Krista Stryker shares an outdoor HIIT workout, just in time for summer!

Krista Stryker
June 15 2016

Get Strong Arms Fast With These 5 Equipment-Free Moves

These bodyweight moves will give you your strongest arms yet.

Krista Stryker
May 6 2016