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The Beliefs That Are F***ing Up Your Intuition (And How To Fix Each)

Time to step up and surrender to our unlimited selves.

Ricci-Jane Adams
July 19 2017

A Medical Intuitive Predicted My Health Problems: Here's What I Learned

I wasn't much a believer—until all her predictions came true.

Marika Lindholm
March 19 2017

3 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Intuition

When used properly, intuition can enhance and enrich your life—no superpowers necessary.

Heather Alice Shea
February 23 2017

They Say "Trust Your Gut," But How Do I Know If It's Trustworthy?

And how do you know if it's reliable, versus proven numbers and analytics?

February 6 2017

5 Intuitive Art Exercises For Radical Transformation

Because human aliveness and creative capacity go hand in hand.

Flora Bowley
January 21 2017

The Quick Mantra + Breathwork Practice That Your Gut Will Love

Jill Willard has known that she possessed an otherworldly gift since she was a little girl. Here, she shares her breathwork practice and mantra to...

January 13 2017

Why The Thoughts You Think Are As Important As The Supplements You Take

Discover the true power of intention and its role in your health.

Trish Ward
January 8 2017

Roxanna Namavar On Going Beyond The Physical Body

“It feels to me that there is something bigger than this body."

December 28 2016

How To Apply The Concept Of Intuitive Eating To Your Emotions

Knowing what drives you intuitively is important.

December 21 2016

Some Children Have Past-Life Memories. Here's What That Means

"There are about 2,500 cases."

December 16 2016

I'm An Intuitive. Here's How I Made Space For My Gift

Jill Willard has been doing intuitive and mediumship readings all her life, but it took her a while to see her ability with joy and without haunting....

December 14 2016

A 3-Step Process For Listening To Your Gut

It takes practice, but here are three guiding principles that will help you tune in.

Trista Johnson
December 4 2016