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How To Use Astrocartography To "Map" Your Next Move Or Vacation

Astrocartography: What It Is & How To Use It
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July 30, 2020
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You know your sun sign, moon sign, and rising. Maybe you've even had your whole natal chart mapped. But have you ever worked with astrocartography—the study of how astrology plays into the energies of specific locations? Developed in the 1970s by American astrologer Jim Lewis, astrocartography can lend us insight into why specific places affect us the way they do—and how we can better navigate various locations all over the world. Here's how it works.

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What is astrocartography?

Astrology is all about how the placements of the planets affect us as individuals. Astrocartography takes this concept one step further and maps where the planets were rising and setting all over the world when someone was born.

Astrologer Madalyn Hillis-Dineen explains that understanding your natal chart as it relates to astrocartography can help you figure out which physical locations are best for you in terms of romance, career, retirement, and even vacationing. Certain places, for example, may cause you emotional unrest, while others might bring out the playful side of your personality.

How does astrocartography work?

Full disclosure: If you thought astrology was a little mind-boggling, astrocartography isn't exactly easy either. There are resources online that will let you access your personal astrocartography map, but if you really want to dive in, it's best to see an astrologer who knows their way around the methodology.

These maps use your birth information (date, time, and location) to figure out where, at the time of your birth, the planets were on their four angles. Take the sun, for example: In one city it may be rising; in another, setting. But somewhere else it's peaking in the sky (culmination), or at its lowest point (anti-culmination), Hillis-Dineen says.

"Astrologers believe that angular planets are the most powerful," she adds. "When we move to another location, there is the possibility that a particular planet may be angular and would therefore become a more important factor in the life than it had previously been."

Once you've got your map of all the planets, you can use the information to figure out how locations might affect you.

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What the lines represent.

Just as the planets in astrology each influence different parts of our lives, the lines of these planets' progression around the Earth do, too. Once you've got your personal map, you'll see lines across the map that represent the planets. Here's what each line means.

What is a Sun line?

The sun is all about your self, identity, and ego. When under this line, things likely feel easy. You're comfortable, confident, and feel in sync with yourself.

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What is a Moon line?

The moon deals with your emotions, instincts, the subconscious world, and feminine energy. Under the line of the moon, you will likely feel more sensitive to your own emotions, more vulnerable, and more feminine or nurturing.

What is a Mercury line?

Mercury governs communication and intellect, so when under this line, you may feel expressive, chatty, or inspired. It's a good place to pick up a new intellectual pursuit or project, or just strike up a conversation.

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What is a Venus line?

For the lovebirds out there, this is the line you want to look out for. Venus is all about love, as well as beauty. Under this line, you may just find romance and a lasting partnership, along with money, beauty, and sensuality.

What is a Mars line?

Mars has very passionate, intense, and masculine energy that may not be suited for everyone. You're in for exciting, if not combative, times under this line, as it tends to be very energizing and even aggressive.

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What is a Jupiter line?

Jupiter is all about abundance and prosperity, making it a very positive line. It's the largest planet in the solar system, and under this line, you can expect blessings, expansion, and overall success.

What is a Saturn line?

Saturn governs structure, and under this line, you're bound to come upon challenges and struggles. While a bit tiresome, Saturn's energy teaches you the hard lessons and pushes you to grow and discipline yourself.

What is a Uranus line?

When under the Uranus line, don't be surprised if you find yourself behaving somewhat rebelliously. This planet is all about change and eccentricity. Its energy can make you feel scattered.

What is a Neptune line?

Being under the Neptune line causes a somewhat dreamy, mystical feeling, as it's the planet that deals with imagination—but also delusion. While very spiritual, the Neptune line can lead to a distorted sense of self.

What is a Pluto line?

Pluto deals with transformation and rebirth. Under this line, you can expect any deep personal issues to come to the surface and potentially create lasting growth.

What is a Chiron line?

Chiron is actually a comet, and it deals with deep healing. Under this line, there's potential to heal yourself and others.

What is a North / South node line?

The north and south node line deals with the moon's orbit in relation to the Earth's orbit. Your north node represents fate and destiny, while your south node represents your karmic past.

How to harness a location's energy without traveling.

Now, you may be thinking, what good is this to me if I don't have plans to go anywhere anytime soon? (Hello, COVID-19.) According to Hillis-Dineen, you don't need to physically go somewhere to capture and enjoy its energy.

Even if a place you're really itching to travel to isn't in the stars at the moment, there are options: "You can enjoy the culture of those places without going there, with literature, art, music...," she says. "You might seek to do business with companies based in that particular locale. You could become friends with folks from those areas. For instance, my husband was born on my Sun line even though I didn't actually meet him in his place of birth."

Other ideas include eating the cuisine of the particular location, learning the language, watching movies, and buying goods from local artisans online.

The bottom line.

If you're at all into astrology, astrocartography offers a whole new way to explore and deepen your understanding of the planets and how you relate to them. It can also offer insight and clarity into decisions about your career, relationships, and big moves. Astrocartography allows us to understand our relationship to the planets and the Earth, so we can plan accordingly, make adjustments, and know how to work with the energy of whichever line we may find ourselves under.