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15 Best Body Lotions For Men, From Lightweight Hydrators To Rich Creams

July 26, 2022
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You may have your grooming routine on lock (good on you!), but do you give your body the same attention? If you immediately thought something along the lines of, uh, not really, it's time to elevate your skin care routine. Full-body moisture is a must, considering it makes up the majority of surface area—but that doesn't mean you must succumb to a greasy, perfumed hydrator. 

Quite the opposite, in fact! Gents, you can find an array of body lotions that hydrate dry skin, soften rough patches, and offer a cooling, sophisticated scent (if you prefer some subtle fragrance). Ahead, discover a few tried-and-tested favorites. 

Benefits of body lotion for men.

To be clear: Everybody can benefit from adding a body lotion to their routine, regardless of gender. A quality cream can support your skin barrier, help trap in moisture, and feed your skin healthy ingredients so it can thrive. And while packaging or marketing may skew toward a certain sex, there's nothing about those healthy ingredients themselves that are gender-specific. "Many of the actives, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, retinol, and hydroxy acids, are equally effective in men and women," board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., tells mbg about skin care routines for men

Some body lotions even come with actives meant to balance oil production and combat body breakouts—think niacinamide, AHAs, and the like. Generally, men's skin tends to run on the oily side (you can read more about that here), which means they might appreciate a lotion that simultaneously hydrates and addresses easily clogged pores. 

As for those denser body creams, men (or anyone, really) can rub a whip-thick confection on rougher, callused areas, like the elbows, knees, feet, and hands. The bottom line? Find a formula and texture that meets your specific skin goals, and you'll secure smooth, soft skin all over. 

If you need a little help browsing body care, here are some options that won't steer you wrong. 

How we picked.


A good body lotion combines a blend of humectants, emollients, and occlusives to provide long-lasting moisture, plus fatty acids antioxidants to feed the skin barrier. Each of the lotions below fits this criteria, and some even include extra players for specific skin care concerns, such as clogged pores or sore muscles.


Some men prefer silky lotions infused with active ingredients; other guys prefer no-fuss, lightweight hydrators; and others a partial to dense butters. You’ll find a plethora of options here. 

Skin type

The options below suit a variety of skin types and needs, be it easily irritated skin sensitive to fragrance or acne-prone skin looking for breakout-busting actives. 

Testing & testimonials

We tested out products firsthand to see what worked and what didn't. When this wasn't possible, our editors utilized verified customer experiences to ensure the products listed performed at the level needed to meet our strict standards.

mbg's picks for the best body lotions for men of 2022:

Best overall: mindbodygreen postbiotic body lotion


  • Great for everyday use


  • Has a richer texture, if you're looking for something thinner
Active ingredients: Shea butterOat oilMoringa seed oilAloe veraCoQ10PostbioticsPrebioticsCoconut oilSqualaneWatermelon, apple, & lentil extracts
Smell: Fragrance-free
Skin type: DryAcne-proneCombinationOilySensitive

This body lotion addresses your skin barrier from multiple angles: Humectants (like aloe vera) pull in moisture, fatty acid-rich players (like shea butter, oat oil, and moringa seed oil) cushion the skin and soften microcracks, while new-generation actives (like postbiotics and CoQ10) protect your skin from free radicals and environmental stressors. Not to mention, it toes the line between rich and creamy and lightweight and spreadable—so it slides onto your skin with ease and provides long-term moisture. 

Best budget: Burt's Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuacu Butters Body Lotion


  • Softens skin almost immediately


  • Not the best for acne-prone skin
Active ingredients: Cocoa butterCupuaçu butter
Smell: Nutty and buttery, with hints of citrus
Skin type: DryCombination

This cocoa and cupuaçu butter blend delivers major hydration. It's technically meant for drier skin types, but those prone to oil can certainly join the party: It absorbs quickly into the skin and never leaves a greasy finish—just a soft, velvety feel. Plus, it features 98.9% natural ingredients.  

Best face & body combo: Rovectin Barrier Repair Face & Body Cream


  • Provides rich hydration without leaving a greasy film


  • Works best as a night cream since it might be too heavy for daytime
Active ingredients: CeramidesAstaxanthinPanthenol
Smell: Fragrance-free
Skin type: DryAcne-proneCombinationSensitive

This buttery number features a cocktail of skin-loving hydrators and antioxidants, like astaxanthin, ceramides, and panthenol, and a fragrance-free formula. It is a bit thicker than your average water cream, but it absorbs immediately with no greasy residue, so it won't make your face look too shiny. For those looking to streamline their skin care routine, you cannot go wrong with this silky cream. 

Best splurge: Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion


  • No dry-down time


  • Pricey
Active ingredients: Shea butterRaspberry waterTamarindOat
Smell: Subtle citrus
Skin type: DryAcne-proneCombinationOily

With shea butter, organic raspberry water, tamarind pulp acids and organic oat sugars, this luxurious formula hydrates and gently exfoliates the skin for a brighter, more supple appearance. I wouldn't consider it a full-on AHA body lotion, per se—the emphasis remains on moisture, here, with a few exfoliating extras for extra smoothness. As for the texture, it's incredibly plush: It melts into your skin upon application, and there's zero dry-down time. Feel free to dress immediately without worrying about sticky, greasy clothing. "Dear men," one reviewer notes on Clarins' website, "All I wanted was to apply lotion on my skin, one which I wouldn't need to turn on the fan at full speed to dry it out. If this goes extinct, I will never put lotion on my skin again." Say less. 

Best drugstore: Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream


  • Great for rougher areas


  • Thicker consistency can be a turn-off for some
Active ingredients: Sunflower oilSweet almond oilRosemary extractChamomile extractPansy extract
Smell: Citrus
Skin type: DrySensitive

You can never go wrong with Weleda. With a base of sunflower and sweet almond oils and antioxidant-rich rosemary, chamomile and pansy extracts, the formula simultaneously moisturizes and protects skin from environmental aggressors. The consistency is a bit thick (they call it Ultra-Rich for a reason!), so it may be best for those with drier skin or for rougher patches, like the elbows, knees, feet, etc. 

Best scent: Kiehl's Original Musk Body Lotion


  • Nongreasy & lightweight


  • Contains essential oils, if you're sensitive to those
Active ingredients: Shea butterApricot kernel oilSesame oil
Smell: Bergamot nectar and orange blossom
Skin type: CombinationOily

This super-lightweight lotion was inspired by Kiehl's Original Musk Oil (also referred to as the "Love Oil"), which delivers a complex, sophisticated fragrance: First, you'll notice an initial burst of bergamot nectar and orange blossom, with softer notes of rose, lily, ylang-ylang, and neroli. Then once it dries, you'll catch whiffs of white patchouli and musk. You could even top the lotion with the oil if you're looking for even more moisture (or try your hand at fragrance layering), but for those who love a lightweight confection, this blend is sublime as is. 

Best for everyday use: Oars + Alps Body Lotion


  • Great for on-the-go


  • Contains fragrance
Active ingredients: Shea butterSunflower oilVitamin EArnicaMagnesium
Smell: Cedarwood
Skin type: DryCombinationOily

This lightweight formula moisturizes, protects, and soothes sore muscles—what more could you ask for in an everyday body lotion? With shea butter and sunflower oil, vitamin E, the formula nourishes your skin with fatty acids and antioxidants, while arnica and magnesium contain anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe and improve circulation. Plus, it leaves behind a sophisticated cedarwood scent, perfect for post-gym, post-shower, or any time your dry skin needs a little pick-me-up. 

Best soothing: Prima R+R Cream 750 mg CBD Recovery Rub for Soothing Comfort


  • Great for calming self-care


  • Contains essential oils, if you're sensitive to those
Active ingredients: Broad-spectrum hemp CBDEucalyptusMentholTea tree
Smell: Minty
Skin type: DryAcne-proneCombinationOily

Stiff muscles are no match for this CBD-infused Recovery Rub. More research still needs to be done to validate its effect, but many people anecdotally find success applying CBD products for soothed skin and muscles. The menthol, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils also lend a cooling experience, perfect for those looking to relax all of their senses. 

Best for dry skin: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Body Lotion


  • Uses certified organic ingredients


  • Might be too thick for some
Active ingredients: Shea butterCoconut oilFrankincense extractMyrrh extract
Smell: Slightly woody
Skin type: Dry

If you're dealing with dry skin, I have three words for you: shea butter, shea butter, shea butter. The fatty-acid-rich ingredient is an excellent emollient, meaning it can soften the skin and fill in microcracks, and it has even been shown to seal moisture into the skin and protect the skin barrier. Shea Moisture combines the hero ingredient with coconut oil (another savior for rough, dry skin) to really cushion your complexion.  

Best lightweight: Osea Ocean Body Lotion


  • Absorbs quickly
  • Never sticky


  • Not the best for super-dry skin
Active ingredients: Jojoba oilAvocado oilMacadamia seed oilAlgae extract
Smell: Fragrance-free
Skin type: Acne-proneCombinationOilySensitive

"Ocean" is the perfect name for this weightless number—it truly feels like a splash of moisture. As one reviewer describes on Osea's website: "After rubbing it in, it doesn't feel like you are wearing lotion, but it's still lightly moisturizing." We can thank jojoba, avocado, and macadamia seed oil for that lightweight consistency, as well as algae extract for its ultra-hydrating properties. In fact, algae has been found to be a better humectant than hyaluronic acid (one of the most famous hydrators of all). 

Best with SPF: Unsun Hydrating Full Coverage Body Lotion SPF 30


  • Doesn't leave a white cast


  • Can be greasy
Active ingredients: Zinc oxideTitanium dioxideBaobab oilPrickly pear cactus extractOrange peel extractCucumber extract
Smell: Citrus
Skin type: DryAcne-proneCombinationOilySensitive

Say it with me now: You need to protect your skin from excess sun, regardless of your gender. If you're in the market for a lotion that provides UV protection and moisture, look no further than this hydrating, mineral SPF 30. Not only does it shield your skin from the sun's rays, but it also quenches thirsty skin with baobab oil, as well as prickly pear cactus, bitter orange, and cucumber extracts. Not to mention, these ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, which provide further skin protection from UV exposure. 

Best fragrance-free: Nécessaire The Body Lotion


  • Won't irritate sensitive skin


  • Reviewers note it can be difficult to squeeze product out of the bottle
Active ingredients: NiacinamidePeptidesMeadowfoam seed oilMarula oil
Smell: Fragrance-free
Skin type: DryAcne-proneCombinationOilySensitive

Nécessaire's fragrance-free formula mirrors its minimalist packaging design: simple, fresh, and oh-so-clean. In addition to vitamin E and healthy fatty acids, it also features niacinamide—an ingredient beloved for strengthening the skin barrier, balancing oil production, and fading dark spots. The consistency is also very spreadable and quick-absorbing, yet it hydrates exceptionally well. 

Best for sensitive skin: Skinfix Barrier+ Lipid-Boost Body Cream


  • Soothes skin upon application


  • Thicker consistency might not be great for oily skin
Active ingredients: Shea butterMoringa seed oilOatSweet almond oilGrapeseed oilJojoba oilCeramidesBotanical cholesterol
Smell: Fragrance-free
Skin type: DrySensitive

This body cream is brimming with actives known for comforting easily inflamed skin: ceramides (which make up the skin barrier), fatty acids (which help maintain the integrity of said barrier), and colloidal oat (which instantly soothes). Not to mention, it's fragrance-free: As those with hypersensitive skin likely know, even naturally derived fragrances can easily aggravate the barrier and lead to irritation. 

Best sustainable: Lovett Sundries Hand & Body Cream


  • Simple ingredients list


  • Not vegan
Active ingredients: Coconut oilOlive oilBeeswax
Smell: Fragrance-free
Skin type: DryCombinationSensitive

This fluffy, whip-thick cream contains a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax—that's it! It's a delightfully smooth formula that melts into your skin like butter. (Just don't leave it out in the direct sunlight or it might melt.) This option comes laced with pure essential oils or completely fragrance-free, although you might still smell the slightly honeyed aroma of beeswax. Of course, the tin container is made in the U.S. and is 100% recyclable in your metal recycling. 

Best natural: Typology 10-Ingredient Body Cream


  • Very simple formula


  • Coconut oil can be comedogenic for some
Active ingredients: Coconut oilGlycerin
Smell: Fragrance-free
Skin type: DryCombinationSensitive

This 99% naturally derived formula contains just 10 ingredients, with vegetable glycerin and coconut oil as the main hydrators. While the coconut oil does leave behind a faintly nutty smell, the moisturizer is completely fragrance-free. So if you prefer a minimal lotion that leaves no trace (well, aside from a splash of moisture), this is your best pick. 


Do men need body lotion?

One more time for the people in the back: Skin care shouldn’t be gendered. Everyone should prioritize strengthening the skin barrier, with ingredients like ceramides, glycerin, colloidal oat, and aloe

How often should you use body lotion?

You can use a quality body lotion as often as you like. Sure, some times are more crucial than others to seal in moisture (like, say, after showering), but feel free to apply whenever your skin feels especially dry. If you're looking for a specific cadence to follow, one to two times a day is usually sufficient. 

Should you moisturize after showering?

Yes, always! You should apply a body lotion on slightly damp skin in order to trap in the water and keep your skin optimally hydrated. Otherwise, said water will quickly evaporate off the top layer of your skin, which can lead to even more dehydration. 

mbg review process.

At mbg, high standards are earned and there are no shortcuts. Our beauty editors stay up to date on the latest ingredient research and innovation. It's a dynamic, continuously evolving space, and it's important we look into the science so we can make informed choices about which formulas earn our stamp of approval (figuratively speaking).

Our high standards also come from testing products—many, many products. Our editors and writers rigorously test and research the products featured in our roundups to offer you the best, most informed recommendations. When we write reviews, you can trust we spend quality time with the formulas: We don't simply rave about products we've slathered on the back of our hand. We endorse products we've tried and loved. 

Learn more about our testing process and clean beauty standards here

The takeaway.

Men do need a good body lotion, but there's no need for ultra-masculine marketing or rugged fragrances—you'll be set with a simple nourishing number with tons of skin-barrier-supporting ingredients. Looking to go the extra mile? Try an inside-out approach with these supplements for dry skin

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