Crystals Not Doing Anything For You? This Could Be Why

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Any modern mystic and New Age wellness junkie knows that crystals transfer vibes. Yes, that person grabbing at your new rose quartz ring with compliments is transferring all their chakra cooties onto your prized possession! Even those background work arguments could be messing with your desktop amethyst. Thankfully, you can cleanse and charge your crystal back to its full shiny, healthy state of high-vibe goodness.

Everything from a pool of water to the light of the moon is said to help cleanse crystals of any negative energies they have entrapped over the ages. Even if you find this concept too woo-woo, you can still appreciate the fact that the act of cleansing tells the body that it's time for a new beginning, a fresh start.

As a self-confessed crystal junkie, I've picked up some handy crystal life hacks and lessons along my spiritual soul search. Here are some of my top tips for keeping those crystals in check:

1. Smudge cleanse

This one is so fast and easy! Simply hold a burning sage or cedar stick and pass your stone through the smoke a couple oftimes to ensure cleansing.

2. Bathing cleanse

Literally give those crystals of yours a cleanup in the shower! Cleanse your stone of any toxins and lingering negativity by holding it under lukewarm water for a few minutes.

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3. Light cleanse

Hold your crystals in your right hand and imagine a bright white light beaming through your head, down your body, into your arm, and onto your palm. Dah-dah, cleansed!

4. Salt cleanse

Salt is thought to draw out the impurities and toxins lurking within your crystals. Simply place your stone in a bowl of sea salt overnight and let it sit as you sleep.

5. Earthing cleanse

This is my personal favorite way to clear up my sparklies, and it is especially helpful when you feel a deep cleansing is needed. Simply dig a hole in the earth, place your crystal point-down, cover with soil, and leave it down there as long as you see fit. (I like to let them rest overnight.) Just remember to mark where you bury them! I've had my fair share of facepalm "Where did I put my crystal!?" moments.

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6. Moon cleanse

Chats with my fellow crystal comrades have shown me that leaving your crystal under the moon is one of the most popular ways to cleanse and charge it. Probably because the moon does all the work for you! Score. Simply place your crystals outside in a safe place or on the windowsill during a full or new moon. These waning moons are considered good times to clear crystals and dispel old energies, but anytime works. You have a three-day window around a full moon, so if you forget to put them out, know that you can put them out the next night if need be.

Keen to learn more about all things crystals? Check out my Crystal 101 class on mindbodygreen.

Emma Mildon

Emma Mildon, also known as the spiritual personal assistant, is an international columnist, No. 1 best-selling author, and publicist. As a world traveler, she has sought out medicine men, healers, physicists, authors, and artists to explore spirituality, channeling, and healing and has also practiced meditation, yoga, and life coaching. Through it all, Emma has connected with like-minded soul searchers across the globe and aims to provide fun spiritual wisdom to her generation. Emma writes for the Huffington Post, mindbodygreen, Wanderlust, and Yoganonymous and is the author of the best-selling book The Soul-Searcher's Handbook, available now. Her upcoming book, Evolution of A Goddess, is now available for preorder.
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