How To Raise Your Vibration + Why You'd Want To

Everything in the Universe is energy and all energy exists at different levels of vibration and frequency, so planets and their inhabitants vibrate at different levels. Earth is a third dimensional planet with fourth and fifth dimension activity in progression. This means Earth's vibration is rising. What does that mean for us?

In order to feel more at peace, in touch, connected, happier, you can practice raising your vibration. It may sound like a bunch of "out there" info, but this is tangible stuff. When people talk about feeling at peace, about thier life suddenly having more meaning, or about experiencing the law of attraction, this is what is at the core of those changes.  

Raising your vibration enables you to receive a more direct guidance and clearer guidance from your Higher self since it vibrates at a higher level. Creating and using this relationship to your Higher self allows for information to be more easily accepted by the conscious and actualized. In other words, once you begin to raise your vibration, you can better understand ... everything. 

You will see the interconnectedness of all life. You will begin to see how you can change your life for the better and bring amazing experiences into your life.

How do I raise my vibration?


When you meditate, you stop thinking, including limiting and negative thoughts. This allows your vibration to rise. While your vibration will not be permanently reset to the new higher vibration achieved in the meditative state, it will also not return completely to where it was when you started. 

Watch your breath move throughout you with your mind's eye, bringing your attention to your internal self, and feel your body relax. Bringing your conscious attention to your breath automatically calms your mind and brings you to a state of meditation. 

A technique for beginner mediators is to count your breath, on the exhale, up to ten and then begin back at one.  If you lose track, simply go back to one. Just twenty minutes a day will gradually change your vibrational set point to a higher and higher frequency. To learn more about mediation, read this

Do something that makes you really happy. 

Happiness and joy vibrate at a much higher frequency than any other emotion. Find something that makes you happy and do it everyday. Draw, sing in the shower, practice yoga, call a friend, take a bath. Something. Even for just 5 minutes.


Breathing deeply and slowly will raise your vibration. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your nose, feeling the breath fill you and then exit.

We are all energy, connecting and responding to one another on much more than this single dimension.... The love you give out is multiplied and returns to you tenfold.

Raise your vibration!

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