Todd McCullough

Founder of TMAC Fitness

Todd McCullough is a Los Angeles-based, ACE-certified personal trainer, E-RYT registered yoga teacher, and founder of TMAC FITNESS. His brand focuses on making fitness simple for busy moms and dads through efficient workouts, a diet of natural foods, and encouraging a spiritual connection. The membership based program includes 20 minute HIIT workout programs, recipes, and community.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

Move your body daily. I don't give a damn if it's yoga, CrossFit, or pushing your kid in a stroller. Just MOVE! Eat real, whole food. Keep it simple. Take a few moments each day to connect. It starts with gratitude. Remember that we are all connected. You can do all the workouts, eat kale, and meditate with Buddha all you want but if you lack real uplifting relationships you have missed the boat my friends.

What brought you into wellness?

A sh*t ton of injuries.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

Like I mentioned above, I believe we are all connected. I have "My Brother's Keeper" tattooed on my left rib cage. My brother has the same thing. But it extends beyond us two. It's YOU as well. Once you GET IT, there is no need to look at others as Black, White, Christian, Muslim, American or Russian. The connection we all share is humanity.