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Rebecca Dancer

Pollution (Even While Inside) Can Cause Hair Dullness & Loss: What To Do

Air pollution has a significant impact on our scalp and, subsequently, our hair.

Rebecca Dancer
April 12

Uh, Is It Just Dry Lips — Or Something Else? Here's How To Find Out

Lip eczema is more severe than your average case of chapped lips in the wintertime.

Rebecca Dancer
April 2

Want A Glowing Complexion? These 9 Antioxidants Have You Covered

In the ever-advancing world of skin care, there is one ingredient category whose benefits will never fall out of favor: antioxidants.

Rebecca Dancer
February 28

Hair Loss In Women: Our Guide To Causes & Natural Treatments

Read on to learn about a few expert-backed natural ways to both prevent shedding and promote healthy hair regrowth.

Rebecca Dancer
February 4 2018

The Benefits Of Using Aloe Vera For Skin Care & More

The benefits of the plant go far beyond post-sunburn care.

Rebecca Dancer
February 7 2013

Acne Face Map: What Your Skin Breakouts Are Telling You

Here's how to read your skin and what to do about breakouts.

Rebecca Dancer
October 26 2012