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Kaia Roman

5 Easy Breathing Techniques To Calm Your Kid (And Relax The Whole Family)

As a mindfulness teacher in an elementary school, I know that even my kindergarten students feel stress sometimes. Here are the fun breathing methods...

Kaia Roman
March 14 2016

The Brain Chemicals That Make You Happy (And How To Trigger Them)

Once we understand how our feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters work, we can use them to our advantage.

Kaia Roman
February 27 2016

7 Practices To Be A Calm, Mindful Parent (Even When Life Gets Crazy)

As a mindfulness teacher in an elementary school, I'm thrilled that mindfulness has become so popular. (It warmed my heart to see that my...

Kaia Roman
January 17 2016

How To Be More Productive — By Procrastinating

You probably crave more focus and wish you were less scatterbrained. Maybe you've even tried productivity hacks to help you avoid distractions. But...

Kaia Roman
January 3 2016

So THIS Is Why Gratitude Makes Us Happier

After sinking into depression last year, I was so desperate to free myself that I tried anything and everything I could. I'd heard that frequent...

Kaia Roman
December 4 2015

How To Practice Mindfulness Every Day (Even A 5-Year-Old Can Do It)

Six ways you can tap into the power of the present moment every day.

Kaia Roman
October 8 2015

How To Parent When You Have Kids With Opposite Personalities

Siblings might look alike — but that doesn't mean they'll act the same.

Kaia Roman
September 30 2015

The 30-Second Mindfulness Practice That'll Change Your Life

After a day of teaching mindfulness to elementary school students, it dawned on me that most adults probably don't know the simple tools I'm sharing...

Kaia Roman
September 18 2015

Are You An Introvert? Here's How To Stay Balanced In An Extroverted World

I've only recently admitted that I'm an introvert. I spent the past 40 years pushing myself to be outgoing, chatty, and social in an attempt to fit...

Kaia Roman
September 5 2015

Why We Face Challenges + How To Overcome Them

Recently, I saw a friend for the first time in a couple of years. We caught up over coffee, and I realized I was telling her the same kinds of stories...

Kaia Roman
July 22 2015

Forget Work-Life Balance. Here's How To Win At Life Your Way

We all want balance. But, when it comes to actually achieving it, we question ourselves, compare our lives to other people’s, and end up frustrated.

Kaia Roman
July 3 2015

A 5-Step Plan To Calm Down When You’re Upset

Whenever I get upset, I wonder if it's just me, since it often seems like everyone else is so cool and collected. But other people must freak out...

Kaia Roman
June 11 2015

Why We Should All Give Each Other More Compliments

Generating more positive energy through this very simple act can be a powerful way to make a difference in the world.

Kaia Roman
May 27 2015

5 Things To Remember When You're Going Through A Rough Patch

Because life never seems to just coast along, calm and smooth, for very long

Kaia Roman
May 20 2015

7 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids Mindfulness

I taught a mindfulness class at my daughters’ elementary school this week. Unsurprisingly, the kids taught me way more than I taught them.

Kaia Roman
April 2 2015

Why You Should Stop Complaining For A Week & See What Happens

As mindful as I often strive to be, I am shocked to hear the complaints that come out of my mouth sometimes. Even before the words have been fully...

Kaia Roman
March 28 2015