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Kaia Roman

The Mindset Shift That Could Help You Ditch Chronic Stress Once & For All

News alert: Americans are officially more stressed out than ever before.

Kaia Roman
May 26 2019

The Next Time Negative Thoughts Take Over, Do This

Bookmark this one for the next time you have a bad day.

Kaia Roman
September 4 2017

How To Actually Stay Patient In A Go-Go-Go World

Yes, you CAN train your brain to chill out.

Kaia Roman
August 23 2017

How To Kondo Your Way Out Of A Social Media Addiction

Your action plan for harnessing a joyful relationship with social media.

Kaia Roman
June 23 2017

Crazy Week Ahead? Here's How To Stop Worrying About It

"I have tried 'as hard as I can' to relax for as long as I can remember."

Kaia Roman
June 5 2017

5 Ways To Have Your Most Creative, Abundant Spring Yet

What new creative pursuits are you ready to embrace? Grab some art supplies and a journal, find a sunny spot to sit in, and tune in to your...

Kaia Roman
May 7 2017

This Crazy Apple Experiment Proves That Spoken Words Affect Our Vibe (Yes, Really)

The laboratory of your life is one grand experiment, and you’re the one controlling the conditions.

Kaia Roman
April 16 2017

Everyone In My Minimalist Family Lives Out Of 2 Suitcases. Here's What It's Like

I know this is an unconventional choice, but for us, it's the right one.

Kaia Roman
April 5 2017

You Can Train Your Brain To Be Optimistic. Here's How

"Transformation doesn't come from the light. It comes from moving through the darkness."

Kaia Roman
March 12 2017

How To Be An Introvert In A Go-Go-Go World

"I used to gather others around me as armor; safety in numbers was my survival strategy."

Kaia Roman
February 26 2017

15 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Chase Those Big, Beautiful Dreams

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you."

Kaia Roman
November 5 2016

The Two Words Making People In This Country The Absolute Happiest On Earth

The joy in this tropical paradise really is contagious.

Kaia Roman
November 1 2016

How Your Meditation Routine Is Altering Your DNA

The things that affect the expression of our genetics run the gamut from exposure to toxins to diet and exercise to—you guessed it—meditation.

Kaia Roman
April 28 2016

A Morning Meditation That Will Improve Your Entire Day

Revel in the wonderment of you for just a moment.

Kaia Roman
April 7 2016