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5 Poses To Take Your Yoga Practice Up A Notch

After practicing yoga for a while, no matter how devoted you are to a style or practice, your body and mind need a change to continue to gain...

Jessi Andricks
September 20 2015

8 Great Yoga Poses To Stretch Your Arms & Shoulders

One year ago when I was skiing with family, a simple fall onto my ski pole broke my humerus in half just below the shoulder joint, shortening my arm...

K. Mae Copham
August 20 2015

A 10-Pose Yoga Sequence To Balance Your Whole Body

Editor's note: The following is an excerpt adapted from Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom by Colleen Saidman Yee. Atria Paperback...

Colleen Saidman Yee
June 11 2015

An 11-Pose Prenatal Yoga Sequence For A Blissful Birth

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga as an expectant and new mama — from improved circulation and firming of the skin, to strengthening of...

Latham Thomas
May 23 2015

11 Yoga Poses To Calm Your Mind & Invigorate Your Body

Editor's note: When Miami-based yoga teacher Rina Jakubowicz stopped by mindbodygreen before the start of Yoga Journal LIVE! in NYC, she showed us a...

Rina Jakubowicz
May 8 2015

A Yin Yoga Sequence To Boost Your Metabolism & Restore Qi Flow

Spring is a time of renewal, welcoming the opportunity to begin again. By bringing new energy into the light we can let go and detox ourselves from...

Leslie Saglio
April 5 2015

A Lower Back Yoga Sequence From A Former NFL Linebacker

When Keith Mitchell, the former NFL linebacker turned yogi stopped by Yoga Shanti in Manhattan recently, he showed us a few moves (featured below) to...

Andrea Rice
April 3 2015

Transform Your Day With A 15-Minute Morning Yoga Sequence

If you struggle to carve out time for yoga, you might want to start a regular morning practice as part of your routine before the day has started...

Jackie Kinealy
April 2 2015

A Yoga Sequence To Open Your Heart & Stretch Your Back

When you open up the back of the heart and across the chest, you create space for the heart, which is both valuable and liberating!

Rachel Brathen
March 28 2015

A Yoga Sequence To Spring Clean Your Mind & Body

When we think of spring, words like fresh, new and clean come to mind. As we rid our closets of old clothes and unnecessary items, we also should be...

Danielle Cuccio
March 21 2015

A Yoga Sequence To Harness Your Potential & Activate Your Sacral Chakra

With today being a super-charged astrological day coming from all directions, why not incorporate a yoga sequence into your daily routine that mirrors...

Tiffany Maloney
March 20 2015

A Rock 'N' Roll Yoga Flow To Jumpstart Your Day

Together, rock 'n' roll and yoga taste like sweat, love and presence. My yoga practice takes me to places bitterly sweet and ecstatically sexy, just...

Mary Clare Sweet
March 12 2015

A 15-Minute Yoga Sequence To Make You Stronger

Yoga requires a great deal of mental and physical strength.

Alexandra Mingione
February 11 2015

How To Use Restorative Yoga To Boost Your Confidence

Many of us have experienced the feeling of not being good enough, whether it's all encompassing or brought on by certain stress-inducing situations....

Erin Nicole Haley
February 5 2015

6 Yoga Poses For More Restful Sleep

If you've ever spent a groggy day at work nodding off at your desk because you couldn't fall asleep the night before, you are not alone. According to...

David Magone
January 15 2015