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The Benefits Of Making Visualization Meditation A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Learn how to control anxiety, manifest your dreams, and more.

Adreanna Limbach
August 25 2017

Why This Visualization Will Help You Find Your Soul Mate

Start by visualizing your perfect lazy Sunday.

Emily Fletcher
September 2 2016

The Simple Writing Exercise Olympian Gwen Jorgensen Uses To Succeed

You're going to want to give this one a try.

Amanda MacMillan
August 9 2016

3 Visualization Exercises I Used To Get Through The Hardest Physical Challenge Of My Life

They helped me tap into strength and stillness during low or chaotic moments.

Steve Costello
June 23 2016

7 Practical Steps To Making Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Fake it until you make it! Our words and thoughts are composed of energy and therefore contain extremely potent power to alter our reality.

Jennifer Niles
May 26 2016

A Beautiful Meditation To Help You Manifest Your Ideal Relationship

This visualization technique is a majorly effective way to invite life-changing love into your world.

Biet Simkin
May 9 2016

A Guided Visualization To Boost Your Immune System

Meditation expert Emily Fletcher guides us through a simple visualization to supercharge the immune system.

Emily Fletcher
May 3 2016

Prepare For Achievement & Abundance With This Practice

Make room in your life for more of the good

Jennifer Grace
May 2 2016

How To Supercharge Your Performance In Stressful Situations

Combine these three techniques for a power boost.

Emily Fletcher
April 30 2016

A Foolproof 3-Step Plan For Healing A Broken Heart, Fast

When we allow ourselves to feel the discomfort, we heal faster and more elegantly.

Emily Fletcher
April 26 2016

A Shaman's Guided Visualization For Finding Balance

A simple ritual to help you bring balance into your life.

Brant Secunda
March 3 2016

A 5-Minute Guided Meditation To Increase Your Confidence

Use this guided meditation the next time you feel hurt or vulnerable, and watch your heart open up.

Tara Brach
February 10 2016

8 Exercises To Unlock Your Calling

If you’re struggling with a crisis of imagination and you’re having trouble envisioning a calling that feels resonant with your soul, here are a few...

Dr. Lissa Rankin
January 28 2016

A Guided Visualization To Help You Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks

My panic attacks started in my early 20s, and for years, I was unable to heal my chronic anxiety. As a child, I always felt like I had a heightened...

Jessica McKay
December 2 2015

A 5-Step Visualization Exercise That Will Change The Way You Look At Money

For years, my fear around money went something like this: I’d want to do something special, like take a vacation. I’d save the money to do it, and...

Kate Swoboda
December 1 2015

7 Evening Rituals To Have A Stress-Free Night, Every Night

By now, most people understand the importance of a morning ritual. But the truth is, your morning starts the night before. The way you end one day...

Dan Harrison
November 25 2015

The One Thing You Haven't Tried To Boost Confidence & Be The Most Amazing Version Of You

We all want to perform at the top of our game. What sets ultra-successful people apart from those who get stuck is how they deal with challenges....

Emily Fletcher
October 20 2015