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Vitamin C Day Is Here: 3 Reasons To Celebrate + Our Favorite Selects

If there's any reason to celebrate one of our favorite antioxidants—we'll go ahead and take it.

Jamie Schneider
April 4

3 Skin Care Tips To Try Right Now — Before Summer Hits

It's in the air, no? By "it" I mean the breathless anticipation of summer and all that it brings.

You've Heard Of Pimple Patches — Now Welcome Dark Spot Patches

By now, you've likely seen pimple patches. May we interest you in dark spot patches?

Alexandra Engler
March 25

The Soothing Botanical Oil That Will Give You Supple Skin In No Time

It's no secret that oats can do wonders for our skin. Now enter oat oil.

Andrea Jordan
March 23

What Exactly To Look For In A Soap To Quench Dry, Thirsty Skin

You want a soap that functions like a blanket for dry, thirsty skin.

Jamie Schneider
March 20

Where Skin Care Meets Behavioral Science: 4 Tips To Be Less Angry At Your Skin

We know skin care results are not immediate. And yet, it's common to feel frustrated and, well, angry when results take time.

Jamie Schneider
March 20

The One Skin Care Tip You Need To Adopt By The Time You're 35

When it comes to skin care by the ages, there are a few basics we all come to understand. Here's one.

Alexandra Engler
March 19

What This Functional MD Wants You To Know About Inflammation & Energy

An inflamed body is a tired body, but where is all this inflammation coming from?