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Step Inside A Spiritual Healer's Minimalist Cali Oasis

We are crushing on her loft space so hard.

Emma Loewe
October 5 2017

The Feng Shui Rebalance You'll Want To Do At Home ASAP

If you walk in your front door and immediately feel stuck and unhappy, a quick rebalance may be just the fix.

Marianne Gordon
September 28 2017

6 Ways To Use Feng Shui This Season

A beginner's guide to bringing the crisp, clear potential of fall into your home and life.

Dana Claudat
September 21 2017

The Most Fantastic Tiny Homes You Can Rent On Airbnb Right Now

There's no better backdrop for your fall vacay.

Emma Loewe
September 21 2017

This Home Accessory Could Become The Next Houseplant

The of-the-earth staple your apartment is missing.

Emma Loewe
September 19 2017

Rules To Live By When Hanging Art In Your Home

#3: Rotate your collection.

Vanessa Seis
September 15 2017

The Feng-Shui-Approved Way To Lighten Every Room In Your House

You'll want to make this feng shui MVP a staple.

Amanda Gibby Peters
September 12 2017

How To Make Your Home More Mindful

Calm home, calm mind.

James Winskowski
August 9 2017

Your 3-Step Plan For Creating A Home You're Dying To Spend Time In

The interior designer behind New York's buzziest studios tells all.

Rashia Bell
July 14 2017

This Feng Shui Philosophy Will Transform WAY More Than Just Your Home

Tao is a concept that describes our connection to nature, so bring on the plants.

Dana Claudat
July 13 2017

Can The Right Home Decor Make You Happier? A Design Psychologist Explains

A design psychologist spills her top tips.

Dr. Sally Augustin
June 28 2017

9 Ways Decluttering My Morning Routine Has Made Me Happier & More Productive

What one mindbodygreen editor discovered when she simplified her morning routine.

Lindsay Kellner
June 15 2017

Is Your Home Sabotaging Your Microbiome? Here's What You Need To Know

Consider this your excuse to get a puppy.

Emma Loewe
June 15 2017

The Spring IKEA Products We're Loving (Plus, The Perfect One For Your Zodiac Sign)

Was there ever a more magical place than IKEA?

Emma Loewe
May 19 2017

You Only Need 8 Minutes To Make Your Home Look Like You've Been Cleaning All Day

The key is wiping down the surfaces they'll actually touch.

Courtenay Hartford
May 18 2017