Including how her heroin addiction ultimately helped her create the Whole30.

Straight from a CrossFit champion.

This will make you want to join a CrossFit gym.

"I needed to know that it was OK not to be OK…

CrossFit champion Julie Foucher reflects on the dangers of CrossFit, as well as the surprising positive benefits the modality has brought into her life.

Crossfit champion Julie Foucher reflects on why she thinks community is so vital to health, and what the future of healthcare could look like in…

CrossFit champion and medical student Julie Foucher reflects on the importance of having a sense of purpose in this clip from #revitalize2016.

We need to stop glorifying "busy" and get a life.

"Ultimately, you are the creator of your own story…

The initial all-encompassing dread and devastation is part of the healing process.

Julie Foucher was a traditional medical student and a CrossFit superstar when she discovered functional medicine. In this clip from #revitalize2016, she reflects on the…

Developing mental fortitude helped her make a change and expand her capacity.

There's one thing we all need, and it's not self-love, at least not to start.