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Everything You Wanted To Know About Kundalini: The Breathwork, Meditation, Sound Codes, And More Explained
Guru Jagat
Accessing Your Breath and Center With Tai Chi For Better Movement And Energy
Michael Taylor
Dive Deep Into Yogic Sleep With This Full Yoga Nidra
Caley Alyssa
World-Class Doctors Dish On Best Drinking Habits, The Healthiest Vices, and More
Dr. Joel Kahn,  Dr. Robin Berzin,  Dr. Steven Gundry
Breathwork, Good Mental Health, & Tools For The Brain
Andrew Huberman PhD.
How To Build Intimacy In Your Relationships
Guru Jagat,  John Wineland
The Best (And Worst!) Things We Can Do To Our Brain
Dr. Dean Sherzai,  Dr. Ayesha Sherzai
How 3 Mindful Mom Finds Balance
Dr. Amy Shah,  Dr. Robin Berzin
Stress, The Mitochondria & What We Should All Know About The Endocannabinoid System
Dr. Robert Roundtree
Regenerative Agriculture & Halting Human & Environmental Disease
Paul Hawken
Breaking The Cycle Of Homelessness With Holistic Healing And Love Without Reason
LaRayia Gaston
Water Is Not A Renewable Resource: An Inside Look Into The Water Crises Of Today
Christy Zenner Ph.D.,  Anecita Agustinez
Performance and the Pursuit of Balance
Meredith Kessler
New Horizons In Healing: Ketosis, Stem Cells, & Ozone Therapy
Mark Hyman M.D.,  Carrie Diulus M.D.
Intermittent Fasting: Fad or The Future?
Steven Gundry M.D.,  Jason Fung M.D.,  Carrie Diulus M.D.
Microbiome & Mitochondria
Vincent Pedre M.D.,  Mark Hyman M.D.,  Frank Lipman M.D.
Breath: The Next Wellness Frontier
Andrew Huberman PhD.,  Ashley Neese,  Brian Mackenzie
The Future of Fitness Tech
Daniel Chao Ph.D.,  Cavan Canavan
Becoming a Doctor, Losing Myself
M.D.,  Emily Silverman
Sick, Tired, & Stressed: Solutions to the Women's Health Crisis
Aviva Romm,  M.D.
Yogis Get Cancer, Too
Lisa Merkle
Struggling in Silence: Social Media, Sports, & Mental Health
Kate Fagan
Revitalizing the Climate Change Conversation
Paul Hawken
Facing Fear, DJ Khaled, and Finding Your Holy Key
Hill Harper
CrossFit Champion Christmas Abbott On True Strength, Balance & Power
Christmas Abbott
Crossfit Superstar Julie Foucher On Passion, Functional Medicine & The Ultimate Health Regime
Julie Foucher
I Used My Intuition To Handle Heartache & Find My Life Path. Here's How You Can Use Yours
Jill Willard
This Psychiatrist Believes In Past Lives & Out-Of-Body Experiences: Here's Why
Dr. Roxanna Namavar
Dr. Frank Lipman Accepts mbg's First-Ever Lifetime Achievement Award
Jason Wachob
How Changing Genders Helped Me Drop 50 Pounds, Quit Smoking & Finally Love Myself
Natalie Egan
Namaste Motherf*cker! Hill Harper On Channeling Your Intuition & Changing The World
Hill Harper
4 Top Wellness Entrepreneurs Share What It Really Takes To Succeed
Danielle DuBoise,  Sadie Lincoln,  Doug Evans,  Amanda Chantal Bacon
How Tantra Helped Me Overcome Trauma & Find Sexual Healing
Psalm Isadora
The Holistic Rituals This Natural Beauty Guru Swears By
Shiva Rose
Why We All Need 10-Second Body Scans, Mindfulness Triggers & A Meditation Practice
Jonathan Fields
GT Dave On Passion, Purpose, & Making A Difference
GT Dave
Dr. Frank Lipman With Danielle Walker On What It’s Really Like To Have An Autoimmune Disease + How To Treat It
Danielle Walker,  Dr. Frank Lipman
How To Prevent, Treat & Heal Chronic Lyme
Holly Ahern PhD,  Heather Hearst,  Ally HIlfiger
THIS Is What It Takes To Build An Enduring Brand
Lew Frankfort
We’re Talking To Men About Health All Wrong. Here’s How We Need To Change
Sarah Coghlan,  JC
Biting Back: How Lyme Tore Apart Ally Hilfiger's Life + The Holistic Arsenal Helping Her Cope
Ally Hilfiger
Why Personalized Nutrition Will Revolutionize The Way We Approach Health
Neil Grimmer,  Nathan Price PhD
Two Cardiologists Debate Fat, Sugar, And Coconut Oil
Dr. Aseem Malhotra,  Dr. Joel Kahn
Dr. Perlmutter's Recipe For Optimal Brain Health & A Healthy Microbiome
Dr. David Perlmutter
Analyze Your Tongue, Optimize Fertility + Balance Hormones: An Integrative MD Explains
Dr. Tasneem Bhatia
Shaman Durek On How To Connect With Your Ancestors, Intuition & True Self
Shaman Durek
How To Identify The Factors Holding You Back + Break Free Of Them For Good
Beth Weissenberger
A Conversation About The Premiere Of The mbg Documentary Series "HEALERS"
Shaman Durek and Daryl Wein
Finding Happiness: The Truth About Couples Counseling, Aging Well & Psychopaths
Dr. Samantha Boardman
Kelly Rutherford On Vision Boards, Moving Through Hardship, & Adele
Kelly Rutherford
How To Reclaim Your Life From The Labels That Others Force On You
Adi Jaffe PhD
No More Games: The Hidden Forces At Play In Love, Lust & Relationships
Neil Strauss
Why Fighting Is Good For You: The Zen Of Creative Conflict Resolution
Diane Hamilton
The Democratization Of Juicing
Jimmy Rosenberg,  Amanda Chantal-Bacon
How Meditation Can Heal The World (Yes, Really!)
Dr. James Gordon
How To Be The Master Of Your Mood
Neema Moraveji PhD
Can Video Games Keep Your Mind In Shape?
Dr. Adam Gazzaley
What Are Telomeres And Why Should I Care?
Janet Wojcicki PhD,  Elissa Epel PhD
Why Stress Is A Healthy Part Of A Meaningful Life
Darrah Westrup PhD
What's Next For The Microbiome?
Dr. Robynne Chutkan
How To Harness The Power Of Flow To Make Better Decisions & Enhance Performance
Jamie Wheal,  Adam Wright PhD
Ben Greenfield On Why He Uses The Squatty Potty Technique
Ben Greenfield
A Food Pioneer In Detroit: How Kitchens Can Revitalize Communities
Devita Davison
Why We Turned GMOs Into A Dramatic Thriller
Zoe Lister-Jones,  Daryl Wein
The Biggest Misconception About Forgiveness
Fred Luskin PhD
The #1 Practice To Begin The Process Of Forgiveness
Fred Luskin PhD
Can You Forgive Without First Accepting Your Pain?
Fred Luskin PhD
The Truth About Relationships
Neil Strauss,  Dr. Emily Nagoski,  Dr. Abraham Morgentaler
Yes, Men Fake Orgasms. Here's Why
Dr. Abraham Morgentaler
How I Lead My Double Life: Corporate Attorney & Extreme Athlete
Amelia Boone
Why Forgiving Someone Shouldn't Involve Making Excuses For Them
Fred Luskin PhD
Why It's Possible To Forgive Even In The Most Challenging Situations (+ How To Do It)
Fred Luskin PhD
Buying Stuff Won't Make You Happier
Michael Norton Ph.D.
Why Buying Experiences Is Even Better Than You Might Think
Michael Norton Ph.D.
Body Hacking: Yay or Nay?
Rich Roll,  Dave Asprey,  and Dr. Garth Davis
The Only 4 Things You Need For Amazing Sex
Dr. Emily Nagoski
Trusting Your Gut & Overcoming Incurable Obstacles
Seamus Mullen
Heartache, Healing & Hope
Penelope Draganic
Superman Or Caveman: Going Back To Nature To Get Better Results
Ben Greenfield
What It Really Means To Forgive
Fred Luskin PhD
Olympic Medalist To Meditating Environmentalist
Gretchen Bleiler
John Salley: Vegan, PETA Spokesman, NBA Champion
John Salley
Beyond The Wire: Surviving & Thriving In Baltimore
Quentin Vennie
Climbing My Way Through Life
Steph Davis
Butter, Bulletproof & Beyond
Dave Asprey
What Do Women Really Want? A Sexpert Explains It All
Dr. Emily Nagoski
Yes, Men Fake Orgasms, Too + Other Truths About Male Sexuality
Dr. Abraham Morgentaler
How To Make Choices That Bring You Sustainable Happiness
Michael Norton Ph.D.
I Am A Real Woman & So Is Every Other Woman
Kathryn Budig
Saturday Afternoon Session Two
Emily Nagoski,  Neil Strauss,  Kathryn Budig,  Abraham Morgentaler
Saturday Afternoon Session One
Emily Nagoski,  Neil Strauss,  Abraham Morgentaler
Saturday Morning Session Two
Rich Roll,  Devita Davison,  Adam Wright,  Jamie Wheal,  Charlie Knoles,  Dave Asprey,  Garth Davis,  Light Watkins
Saturday Morning Session One
Steph Davis,  Gretchen Bleiler,  Amelia Boone,  Ben Greenfield
Friday Afternoon Session Two
Penelope Draganic,  Seamus Mullen,  Dave Asprey
Friday Afternoon Session One
Zoe Lister-Jones,  Dr. Robynne Chutkan,  John Salley,  Daryl Wein,  Jimmy Rosenberg,  Amanda Chantal Bacon
Friday Morning Session Two
Quentin Vennie,  Adam Gazzaley,  Diane Hamilton,  James Gordon,  Fred Luskin
Friday Morning Session One
Jason Wachob,  Neema Moraveji,  Michael Norton
Cheating, Sex & Soulmates: A Couples Therapist Explains It All
Dr. Sue Johnson
Sugar, Gluten, Paleo, Vegan: 3 Doctors Debate The Best Way To Eat
Dr. Joel Kahn,  Dr. Mark Hyman,  Dr. Frank Lipman
Why You're The Expert On Your Health
Courtney Nichols Gould
Why Western Medicine Gets Autoimmune Diseases All Wrong
Dr. Amy Myers
Everything You Need To Know About Meditation
Charlie Knoles
How Community Can Lead To Healthy Habits: Joe Cross
Joe Cross
Hillary Biscay & Rich Roll On How To Stay Mentally Tough, Even When You Want To Quit
Rich Roll,  Hillary Biscay
Signs You Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Technology
Graham Hill
Why You Need To Enjoy Your Workouts If You Want To Change Your Life
Michael Taylor
How Food Affects Your Brain: Dr. Drew Ramsey
Dr. Drew Ramsey
Why Paleo Is Taking The World By Storm: Chris Kresser
Chris Kresser
How To Meditate In A Minute (Video Tutorial)
Charlie Knoles,  Jason Wachob
Is It Better To Eat Paleo Or Vegan? Dr. Mark Hyman Explains
Dr. Mark Hyman
How To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does: Hillary Biscay
Hillary Biscay
How I Went From Wheelchair To Walking By Changing My Diet: Dr. Terry Wahls
Dr. Terry Wahls
A Therapist Explains Why You Need Sex (It's Not What You Think!)
Dr. Sue Johnson
Why CrossFit Will Change Your Life (Funny)
John Kim
Live Dirty, Eat Clean! Why The Microbiome Is The Future Of Medicine: Dr. Robynne Chutkan
Dr. Robynne Chutkan
Why You Shouldn't Hack Your Life: Rich Roll
Rich Roll
Why Beauty Products Are Toxic & What You Can Do About It: Heather White
Heather White
How To Make Love Last In The Age Of Instant Gratification: Dr. Sue Johnson
Dr. Sue Johnson
How I Live With Addiction Every Day: Amber Valletta
Amber Valletta
Why I Embraced Meditation After Having A Panic Attack On Live TV: Dan Harris
Dan Harris
Dr. Mark Hyman On Sugar & The Only Rules You Need To Eat Healthy
Dr. Mark Hyman
Why It's So Hard To Share Your Feelings With People You Love
Dr. Sue Johnson
How To Shop For Sustainable Clothes (Without Sacrificing Fashion!)
Scott Mackinlay Hahn,  Julie Gilhart,  Zem Joaquin
Dr. Mark Hyman's Super-Simple Diet Advice
Dr. Mark Hyman
How Anyone Can Learn To Love (Even If You've Never Had A Good Relationship)
Dr. Sue Johnson
3 Reasons I'm A Vegan: Dr. Joel Kahn Explains
Dr. Joel Kahn
Dr. Frank Lipman On Why Paleo Works
Dr. Frank Lipman
Rich Roll On What To Do If You Only Have 30 Minutes To Work Out
Rich Roll
This Is The Only Thing You Need To Meditate (Funny)
Charlie Knoles
Why So Many Doctors Don't Know How To Deal With Chronic Disease
Dr. Amy Myers
Why We Need To Incentivize Big Food To Take Health Seriously
Lawrence Williams
How You Feel Matters More Than Any Test Result
Dr. Amy Myers
3 Food Groups This Doctor Says We Should Remove From Our Diets
Dr. Amy Myers
Why People Cheat: A Couples Therapist Explains
Dr. Sue Johnson
What Do You Tell Someone Who Says They Can't Meditate?
Charlie Knoles
Why Every Bite You Eat Changes Your Microbiome
Dr. Mark Hyman
When It's Good To Be A "Difficult" Patient
Dr. Amy Myers
The Future Of Healthy Restaurants In America (Can We Do It?)
Lawrence Williams,  Amanda Freitag
What You Need To Know About Your Tap Water
Christiana Peppard
The Worst Advice You Could Give Someone About Meditation
Charlie Knoles
A Cardiologist Explains How To Eat To Prevent Heart Disease
Dr. Joel Kahn
Why Self-Care Is The Secret To Happiness
Naomi Pabst
What Meditation REALLY Is
Charlie Knoles
How Dr. Frank Lipman Got Over His Fear Of Eating Fat
Dr. Frank Lipman
Doctors Who Love Gluten
Dr. Joel Kahn,  Dr. Mark Hyman,  Dr. Frank Lipman
Why Conventional Medicine Is Failing All Of Us
Dr. Amy Myers
Why This Cardiologist Hates Hospitals (Funny)
Dr. Joel Kahn
Is Coffee Good For You? Rockstar Doctors Discuss
Dr. Joel Kahn,  Jason Wachob,  Dr. Mark Hyman,  Dr. Frank Lipman
Rich Roll On Why Mood Follows Action (Not The Other Way Around)
Rich Roll
Dr. Mark Hyman On Why Sugar Is A Recreational Drug
Dr. Mark Hyman
Here's What Plant-Based Ultraman Champion Hillary Biscay Eats!
Hillary Biscay
How Top NYC Chefs Deal With Bad Reviews
Amanda Freitag
Zem Joaquin Lets Us In On Her Favorite Eco-Fashion Brands
Zem Joaquin
Dr. Mark Hyman On The Simple Secret To Eating Right (Funny)
Dr. Mark Hyman
The #1 Way To Ruin A Perfectly Good Relationship
Jason Wachob
Why You Can't Get Healthy Food At (Most) Restaurants
Lawrence Williams,  Amanda Freitag
Dr. Mark Hyman On Why You Can't Exercise Your Way Out Of A Bad Diet
Dr. Mark Hyman
Ironman Champ Hillary Biscay On How To Stay Strong When You Want To Quit
Hillary Biscay