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3 Spiritual Dream Symbols You'll Want To Pay Attention To

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Last updated on August 24, 2021

Some dreams flow into our lives with a majestic force, while others feel more ordinary, like confusing replays of daily events. As a dream interpretation expert, I believe that all dreams have meaning and can help us grow when we pay attention to them. However, there are some spiritual dream themes I've seen that seem to be especially powerful.

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Why some dreams hold spiritual messages.

Dreams are always uniquely personal, and the majority of the messages in your dreams will only relate to you. That being said, there are some symbolic spiritual dreams that seem to bring eternal wisdom.

The process of embracing these spiritual messages in your dreams opens the portal to your soul's home, and this is where you begin to remember your inner soul dream. You can think of this soul dream like your purpose—it's what leads you to divine mind, body, and soul alignment. 

Here are three examples of celestial symbols that often show up in our dreams to help us remember our inner soul connection. I like to think of them as soul symbols.

3 common "soul symbols" that show up in dreams:


Rainbows and colors

Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true. The next time you're blessed with a luminous rainbow in your dream, take it as a reminder that you are divinely guided and you're making conscious choices that resonate with your soul dream.

The rainbow has a loving spectrum of seven colors. When all colors are aligned, we are perfectly balanced. In the yogic tradition, there are seven main chakras or energy centers in the body, and each one vibrates a color from the spectrum of the rainbow. If you can, try to recall which colors were most present in your rainbow for more hints on what this spiritual symbol was telling you:

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Animals in dreams often represent powerful spiritual guardians. Throughout the ages, many Indigenous cultures have honored the animal kingdom. If you dream of a particular animal, do a bit of research on its historical symbolism and teachings and how they might apply to your life. Here's my interpretation of the symbolic meaning behind a few common dream animals:

  • Snake: Snakes are intriguing dream symbols. On one level, snakes can be interpreted as poisonous and vicious, but they can also symbolize wisdom and transformation. Tuning into how we feel in our dreams is always important, especially when it comes to symbols that have a strong spectrum of meanings. Dreaming of snakes could symbolize that you have some snake qualities within you that you may still need to accept, embrace, and heal. It may also indicate that you are in a process of spiritual transformation and that you are embodying the inner wisdom of the snake. 
  • Elephant: The elephant is a compassionate spiritual animal with a big, open heart. Elephants are powerful, and they symbolize wealth and abundance for many people. If you are blessed with an elephant in your dream, it may signify that you are undergoing a transformational process of stepping into your spiritual power and accessing more abundance, love, and compassion. 
  • Bird: Eagles and hawks are honored as highly spiritual animals in many Native American traditions, and dreams of birds can carry profound spiritual messages. They might signal that you have been blessed with the spiritual qualities of birds: seeing life from a higher perspective, having the ability to fly over any situation, experiencing infinite freedom, and tapping into the feeling of having "the wind beneath your wings."


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If you have a personal experience with a specific animal in a dream, always take a moment to reflect on how that animal made you feel for more clues on the dream's spiritual meaning.



Specific numbers or numerical patterns often show up in dreams to remind us that we are on the right track and living in soul alignment.

Number dreams can provide us with magnificent guidance. For example, the number sequence 1111 is considered very spiritual. It represents a portal to a higher vibrational frequency. If you dream of it, reflect on what was happening in the dream when this number showed up: What were you thinking and feeling?

Here are interpretations for a few more dream numbers. (Read up on all the dream numbers here.)

  • 1: Step into your power.
  • 2: Choose positive thoughts when you connect with others.
  • 3: Create and dream big.
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What to do when you have a spiritual soul dream.

Since your dreams communicate to you in a symbolic language, they can feel rather confusing.

It is important to remember that all dreams are multidimensional, and you may be able to uncover more than one message in a single dream. Writing down your dreams as soon as you awaken will help you better remember their nuances. From there, you can journal or meditate on how your dream's spiritual symbols might relate to your waking life.

Setting an intention to remember your dreams is very powerful for promoting dream recall. We bring the energy we go to bed with into our dreams, so going to sleep feeling calm and relaxed will also help you have more dreams filled with spiritual guidance and transformational soul symbols.

The bottom line.

When you truly listen to your dreams and mindfully reflect on their messages, you start to remember who you truly are and what your soul craves. Keep an eye out for these three spiritual dream symbols as you do.

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