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Everything To Know About A Libra-Cancer Matchup, In Friendship, Love & More

Desiree Roby Antila
June 1, 2023
Desiree Roby Antila
By Desiree Roby Antila
Desiree Roby Antila (she/her), author of "Sun Signs in Love," specializes in sun signs and astrological relationships. She has been studying astrology for several decades and has written numerous articles on matchmaking, cosmic timing, forecasts, and more.
June 1, 2023

Some zodiac pairings naturally click, becoming fast friends or lovers, while others face more of a challenge when it comes to getting along. And when it comes to Libra and Cancer's compatibility, these two both want to turn up the romance. Here's what to know if you're curious about this astrological matchup.

Libra & Cancer compatibility

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, which will harmonize beautifully with Cancer's moon-ruled, ever-changing moods. This makes them feel emotionally secure in a way that they desperately need—Venus prefers to attract, and the moon enjoys reflecting.

Cancer will intuitively make Libra feel wanted, and Libra will find the waxing and waning of Cancer's vibrations enticing. These two planets both tap into feminine energy, which makes this pair's exchanges filled with gentleness, sentiment, intuitiveness, and romance. 

While there is much loveliness to be shared between them, there will be challenges regarding their shared Cardinal modality, which puts them in a square aspect.

In my book, Sun Signs in Love, I explain that the square aspect happens when you are three signs away from your significant other, which creates a tricky, competitive, and vigorous atmosphere. The feel of this relationship usually leaves one or both partners requiring more from the other, and they'll both need to be very conscientious not to unload their negativity on each other and create friction. There is so much to learn from this aspect, but it must be done in a supportive and constructive manner.

While square pairs are faced with a challenging aspect, they also share something that is the same, which is their modality. Modality by definition means, "a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed." In Cancer and Libra's case, they both express themselves in the Cardinal modality.

Cardinal signs are the natural-born leaders of the zodiac. They are both self-starters and tend to give out a lot of energy by being assertive and influential. This can have them both wanting to take charge, but the way in which both of them do this is gentle, which can really make this a benefit more than a hindrance. 

The trickiest part of combining this pair is their element. Libra is a freedom-loving air sign, while Cancer is a deeply concentrated water sign. Air stirs, turns, and can cause waves in the water but then quickly moves away giving the water no control. When water penetrates the air, it creates moisture and ignites the process of creating rain, which is needed for life and rebirth in which air has no control over.

There is no choice or control over these things occurring in either of the elements, so it is better if water and air signs appreciate one another's differences and individual energy. This boils down to the fact that there will need to be a lot of understanding and appreciation for one another's differences; otherwise, the lack of the ability to completely blend will be the caveat to this great love story. 

In a friendship

In a friendship, Cancer and Libra will connect through their love of art and music, along with having similar hobbies. They are both very imaginative, which gives them a love of things that are whimsical and fanciful.

They love to create fun plans and trips and make them happen—Libra likes to use their diplomacy to get what they want, while Cancer prefers to use their intuition to find the best solution. When they combine their inherent gifts in a friendship, they can do anything they put their mind to.

They do both like to be in charge, so they will need to find a way to allow one to take the lead while the other takes a back seat, or they will find themselves in arguments. 

In a relationship

When it comes to Cancer and Libra romantically, let's just say there is no shortage of amorousness. Libra's Venusian influence, on top of the fact that they are the sign of partnership, makes them wildly romantic, and Cancer will delight in every bit of it. 

There is a juxtaposition of gentleness and strength in their attraction for one another that makes them both wild for one another. Libra knows that there is more to Cancer than what they show on the surface, and they use their intellect to tap into Cancer's magic.

Cancer, meanwhile, is attracted to Libra's balanced nature and physical beauty. When they blend physically, their hearts will feel full because their gentle passion and quaking eagerness for each other are fastened with amity and pleasure. Even when times get tough, they have a way of rediscovering one another time and time again. 

Regardless of their differences, Libra is always drawn toward commitment in partnerships, and Cancer will gladly oblige. If both of them are evolved and in the right place in their life, this relationship can be one filled with a lot of joy.

When this couple makes a conscious choice to commit, their love story becomes one to envy. Libras are known for their indecisiveness, and Cancers are known to move sideways rather than forward. Yet, love has a way of softening the hardest hearts, or in this case the toughest shells, and if they want this to work, they will find a way to make it happen.

However, if Libra is not ready to commit or Cancer cannot allow themselves to become vulnerable, they will drag this relationship through the mud of indecisiveness, which will likely trigger Cancer's roller coaster of emotions.

Ways they match up

Ultimately, Cancer and Libra want the same things in life, such as marriage, love, protection, companionship, and partnership. It is how they get there that can be the challenge. The stars will need to align just right, but if they do, it is worth all the effort.

The biggest way that they match up is their love for harmony and stability. Cancer's many moods are always looking to tether to something stable, while Libra's scales are in constant need of balancing.

If and when they realize they're both in search of a harmonious balance, they will find this commonality soothing and do what they can to bring that peace for one another.

Because of their love for finding calmness in their life, there is not a lot that these two cannot work out if trouble arises. Between Cancer's loony sense of humor and Libra's charm, they find many ways to adore one another through their sweetness.

Where conflict may arise

Libra and Cancer's differences glare especially when it comes to the idea of where they want to be in a commitment with one another, but with understanding and compromise, they'll be able to come up with an agreement.

However, once they do decide to fully commit, Cancer tends to cling to their relationship tightly with their claws, which is a problem for the freedom-loving Libra.

When Libra is out of sight, Cancer thinks that Libra is no longer thinking of them. Cancer must understand Libra's element needs times of intermediate space and that when they go get some air to breathe, they are not plotting ways to leave forever.

Librans enjoy missing the person they love to give themselves new space to love them even more. Absence makes their heart grow fonder, and this is a universal law of love that will never be changed. The sooner Cancer understands this, the sooner their possessiveness will fade, and it is then that Libra will want to make things happen.

For these two, there needs to be a sense of security given on both sides of the coin. Libra needs to make an effort to let Cancer know that they are theirs, and Cancer needs to let go and allow Libra the liberties they require.


Is a Libra and a Cancer a good match?

Yes, Libra and Cancer are both romantic and relationship-oriented, so they can make great friends or lovers when they work through their differences.

Why are Libras so attracted to Cancers?

Libra is attracted to Cancer because it can sense Cancer's sensitivity and depth, which is enticing to Libra.

Who is Cancer's soulmate?

Cancer's soulmate is often considered to be its opposite, Capricorn, though they'll also do well with the other water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, or another Cancer) as well as Tauruses and Leos.

Do Libra and Cancer get along as friends?

Yes, Libra and Cancer have many shared interests and hobbies, so they'll have plenty to do together. They do both like to be in charge, so they'll need to find a way for one to take the lead while the other takes the back seat.

The takeaway

Can Libra and Cancer be soulmates? Without a doubt. However, only if they give one another gifts of love and trust. The trick for them is recognizing signs of discord before they're too far gone on the road of discontentment. If this is a leap that they are both in the right place to make, there is nothing that can stop them.

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Desiree Roby Antila

Desiree Roby Antila (she/her), author of Sun Signs in Love, specializes in sun signs and astrological relationships. She has been studying astrology for several decades and has written numerous articles on matchmaking, cosmic timing, forecasts, and more. Visit her online at and on Instagram @simplysunsigns.