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The Calming Supplement mindbodygreen's Co-Founder & Co-CEO Trusts Above The Rest

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October 12, 2022

Our day-to-day lives come with no shortage of stressors, and if anyone knows this, it's mbg's co-founder and co-CEO Colleen Wachob. From being a busy mom to operating a company, it's no wonder she, like so many others, has tried a number of different strategies for tackling stress. And after years of searching, there's one tool that has emerged as the most effective for her: mbg's calm+.

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Why calm+ stands out among the rest.

As Wachob writes in her review for calm+, "I've been prone to anxiousness, and the past year plus has dished some novel stressors. I have tried everything from medication to meditation to help usher in a state of calm, but it's been elusive."

That all changed when she started taking calm+ daily, she says, noting that it helps her get through stressful situations—whether it be a screaming toddler, a stressful meeting, or a turbulent flight—with a little bit more ease. "calm+ has a palpable calming effect on my body and mind that lasts all day long,"* she writes.

That's because calm+ combines USDA- and EU-certified organic hemp oil, ashwagandha, and lavender oil, for a safe, high-quality trio of potent botanicals that help promote a sense of overall calm rooted in science.*

Just one gelcap provides 20 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD, and the synergistic additions of ashwagandha root and leaf extract and lavender oil give the supplement an extra-relaxing boost.*

Our hemp oil is also quality tested for purity and potency and contains less than 0.2% THC. This negligible, trace amount won't impair your day with any psychoactive or hallucinatory effects.

And another bonus? Unlike some calming supplements that can make you drowsy, this fast-acting, non-psychoactive formula can be taken at any time of day, so you don't have to worry about it negatively affecting your energy levels.

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The takeaway.

If you, like Wachob, have tried a number of different supplements for stress and none seem to do the trick, calm+ could be just what you're missing. With research-backed, high-quality, and synergistic ingredients, it's a soothing supplement you can trust.* Learn more about the product here.