5 Superfoods To Help You Quit Coffee

Ready to ditch caffeine for the long haul? These delicious and healthful superfoods will calm your jitters and boost your energy naturally.

Do you need a massive cup of coffee in the morning just to get yourself out of bed? If so, you’re not alone — these days, many of us are both sleep deprived and addicted to caffeine.

An occasional cup of coffee isn’t the worst thing in the world, but when you’re relying on your daily dose of caffeine to function, you’re at risk of covering up the important messages your body is trying to send you (like “go take a nap”).

Don’t worry — lowering your caffeine load doesn’t have to be torture. These amazing superfoods will help boost your energy and keep you calm throughout the switch.

Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee Replacer

If you aren’t quite ready to switch from dark, roasted coffee to herbal tea, dandelion root is a great option. It has a similar taste to coffee, but is caffeine free and is also beneficial for the liver. You can find instant dandelion root coffee replacer in most health food stores — just add some hot water and you’re good to go!

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A member of the cruciferous family, maca is grown at high altitudes in the mountains of Peru. Like raw cacao, maca can boost both mood and energy. But it also has the beneficial effect of reducing stress and — bonus — increasing sexual desire. You can buy maca in powder form at your local health food store. Try adding a teaspoon to your morning smoothie (which you’ll have plenty of time to make now that you’re skipping your daily trip to the coffee shop, right?).

Raw Cacao

If going without your morning latte has sent your mood into a tailspin, raw cacao can help. Raw cacao contains tryptophan, which is necessary for your body to produce feel-good chemical serotonin. While it has only trace amounts of caffeine, raw cacao contains theobromine, a gentler stimulant that can give you an all-natural energy boost. Add a little cacao to your dandelion “coffee” for a healthful mocha alternative. 

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Ginger helps boost circulation, giving you energy while also being warming and soothing. It’s also helpful for nausea, a common symptom of caffeine withdrawal. Try sipping some ginger herbal tea or adding fresh ginger to a smoothie or green juice. 


Ginseng is known for its ability to reduce fatigue and increase energy, but it doesn’t stop there: it’s also an immune booster, a liver detoxifier and an adaptogen (it helps us deal with the effects of stress). You can take ginseng in a tea or in capsules.

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