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Linda Carroll, M.S.

The Psychological Reason You Get Defensive (Hint: It's Not A Character Flaw)

If you're a defensive person, are you doomed to drive people away with your defensiveness forever? If you're in a relationship with a defensive...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
September 29 2017

The One Thing Guaranteed To Turn Your Goals Into Reality

This is how you turn your inspiration into reality.

Linda Carroll, M.S.
October 31 2016

How To Make Your Relationship Feel Brand-New (No Matter How Long You've Been Together)

"Novelty adds satisfaction to relationships and can reignite passion. You may find it unexpectedly invigorating—and just plain fun."

Linda Carroll, M.S.
October 17 2016

The Difference Between Love & Limerence: A Therapist Explains

Next time you fall head over heels for someone you barely know, ask yourself if it's love of limerence. Here's how to tell the difference.

Linda Carroll, M.S.
September 30 2016

The Secret To Conflict Resolution That Could Save Your Relationship

"All of us can — and must — learn how to restore openness and to reconnect."

Linda Carroll, M.S.
September 22 2016

The Single Most Destructive Factor In Your Relationship + How To Face It Head On

"Conflict happens without intention; like falling in love, it is outside our control. It’s what we do next that determines the future of the...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
September 7 2016

5 Factors To Evaluate Before Choosing A Life Partner

Here are five clues that will help you find out whether or not someone has the qualities to go the distance.

Linda Carroll, M.S.
September 5 2016

4 Things To Do Before You Give Up On A Relationship

"When you're at an ebb and feeling miserable is not the time to make a decision. Although this probably goes against our instincts, there is a good...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
August 29 2016

5 Easy Ways To Destroy A Great Relationship (And What To Do Instead)

"We are all on our own inner journey. When we can balance the need to be with the need to grow our own unique self, we have much more richness and...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
August 23 2016

The Real Reason You Can't Communicate With Your Partner

To expect you to see the world the same way I do is a huge challenge. We get exasperated, because underneath our point of view lies the question “Why...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
May 1 2016

What Love Stage Is Your Relationship In? (A Quiz)

Take this quiz to find out what stage your relationship is in.

Linda Carroll, M.S.
April 26 2016

Breath Awareness Might Be The Ultimate Source Of Wisdom: 4 Ways To Tap Into It

Life doesn’t come with a “road map,” so to speak. But we get clues along the way, by external signs, mental responses, and physical cues. The Greek...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
March 21 2016

The 7 Essential Stages Of Spiritual Growth (And How To Know Where You're On The Path)

We hear so much about finding our "whole selves” and “coming from authenticity,” but so many of us don’t understand how we actually reach that point....

Linda Carroll, M.S.
January 20 2016

Why Every Couple Eventually Falls Out Of Love + How To Re-create The Feeling

We've always been fascinated by the idea that "falling in love" is not necessarily the same thing as "staying in love." In her book, Love Cycles: The...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
January 6 2016

I'm A Life Coach & I Have Panic Attacks. Here's What I Wish More People Knew

As a practicing psychotherapist and a life coach, I'd helped many people cope with panic attacks but never had one myself. That is, until about three...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
January 2 2016

7 Lies About Love That Are Keeping You From Finding The Real Thing

To fall in love is natural. For love to last is not. We’re more likely to succeed in building a lasting relationship if we’ve chosen our partner...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
December 15 2015

The 3 Biggest Problems Couples Face During The Holidays (And How To Deal With Them)

It’s not unusual for us to fall in love with people who are quite different from us. Once the initial infatuation evaporates, those differences will...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
December 5 2015

How To Have A Great Relationship — No Matter What You're Going Through

When all is going well, most of us find it easy to be generous, appreciative, and kind with our partners. But what happens once things are less than...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
November 7 2015

So Your Partner Betrayed You: Here's How NOT To Let It End Your Relationship

Betrayal can take many forms — from a garden-variety lapse in judgment to a genuine heartbreaker or marriage ender. Many of these moments could be...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
September 25 2015