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The World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Turns 97 Today: Happy Birthday, Tao!

Today at 97-years-old, Tao Porchon-Lynch is the world's oldest living yoga teacher, recognized by the Guinness World Records since 2012. The former...

Robert Sturman
August 13 2015

Yoga In Central Park: 25 Photos That Capture The Magic Of NYC

I love working in Central Park when I'm in New York. Each time I visit, the landscape is dramatically different. In the spring, the skies were a vivid...

Robert Sturman
June 28 2015

The 4 Stretches You Need To Do After Every Workout

Sometimes we just don’t have time to stretch. We rush through our workout and tell ourselves that we’ll stretch later, and then later never comes. The...

Holly Yates
June 20 2015

Mother's Day Yoga: 17 Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

Editor's note: Whether it's prenatal yoga, mommy-and-me classes, or offerings at many schools around the country, we're seeing a steady rise in kids'...

Robert Sturman
May 10 2015

Yoga In Chicago: 18 Photos From The Windy City

The folks of Chicago are some of the most passionate people I've had the honor of working with throughout my travels. When I arrived there last...

Robert Sturman
April 30 2015

An Inspiring Yogi Takes His First Hike

Some things flow straight from the soul — effortlessly and without thought. That's how my work in the past with Tommy Valencia has been.

Robert Sturman
March 29 2015

Wish You Were Here: Yoga Photos From The Sunshine State

I would have never imagined that Florida was going to be one of the more prolific photo expeditions of my career. I decided to make the trip from Los...

Robert Sturman
March 22 2015

5 Clever Ways To Turn Old Containers Into An Indoor Garden

You don't have to look past your kitchen to find clever ways to create whimsical indoor gardens. Here are five different ways I've upcycled containers...

Summer Rayne Oakes
March 18 2015

Yoga In Photos: A Roadtrip Through The Enchanting American Southwest

A few weeks ago, I took a road trip to Sedona, Ariz. from Santa Monica, Calif. down Route 66 with my girlfriend/model/muse, Ashika. We were both asked...

Robert Sturman
March 13 2015

This Is What Climate Change Looks Like (It Isn't Pretty)

The recklessness with which we've treated our only home since the Industrial Revolution is coming back to haunt us. Wasteful consumerism,...

March 4 2015

Why Biodynamic Wines Are Better

When I first heard someone refer to biodynamic wine, I didn't conjure up images of beautiful vineyards or rare bottles from fancy cellars. But a...

Jessica Yurasek
January 13 2015

5 Ways Drawing Can Bring Anyone Joy

Have you ever wanted to simply draw but didn't because you did not know what to start with? Have you ever felt a longing for artistic creativity but...

France Belleville-Van Stone
November 16 2014

10 Places To Visit Before You Die

People always ask us how we've been able to accomplish the things we have. In one sense, it's really simple: We made a list and dedicated ourselves to...

Ben Nemtin
November 14 2014

Yoga In Photos: Asanas At The Ancient Temples Of Thailand

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of traveling through the mysterious and timeless temples of Thailand with four dear yogi friends. As an artist, I am...

Robert Sturman
November 6 2014

What The Fight Against Climate Change Looks Like

"Brothers and sisters, we're calling out to the world to join together for true change. Let's leave the oil beneath the ground," says Kichwa leader...

Amazon Watch
October 20 2014

A Yogi In Uniform

Officer Milo is a yogi whom I have the honor of practicing with at my neighborhood studio. He takes his yoga off the mat and embodies what all police...

Robert Sturman
September 30 2014

10 Foods To Keep In Your Kitchen If You Want To Eat Clean

My sister Jasmine and I started HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY, a business that's all about good food that makes you feel your best. Wellness begins from within...

Jasmine Hemsley
September 24 2014

Cute Photos Of Puppies Swimming Underwater (Why Not?!)

Puppies already know how to swim even at just a few weeks old. When they reach a certain age, they become so curious they are fearless. During this...

Seth Casteel
September 16 2014

This Biracial Woman Paid Photoshop Pros To Make Her "Beautiful"

Journalist Priscilla Yuki Wilson sent a picture of herself to photo editors from 18 countries and asked them to make her "beautiful." Wilson, who is...

September 10 2014