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5 Ways To Create A Calm, Cool Party Vibe

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Spring party planning season is officially in full swing. But fear not. We’ve found five simple ways you can create a calm, cool party vibe – and have loads of fun in the process.

Create a calm ambiance.

Opt for effortless and easy decorating that will put your guests at ease the moment they enter your door. Avoid an overly formal, hyper-themed and color-coordinated scene that signals a no-fun, uptight zone. Use soft area lighting or candles in safe and secure holders, and consider switching out bulbs to tinted illumination. Diffuse an essential oil such as ylang ylang to help calm nerves for both yourself and your guests.

Be a chill host.

Remember: it’s easier to host a great party at which everyone is comfortable than it is to achieve perfection. Focus on making introductions, smiling and circulating throughout your event. Plan ahead with an icebreaker game, easy food and beverage selections and signature parting gifts. Homemade mist or bath salts will commemorate the chill vibe at your party.

Minimize food prep.

Organize beverages ahead of time. Consider one signature cocktail available in a pitcher with modest-sized glasses, a selection of beers and soft drinks on ice, and a bottle of red and white wine. Guests can serve themselves. 


Organize food that holds at room temperature ahead of time. Consider preparing one signature item and buy the rest. Snacks could include a selection of gourmet nuts, confections, a bamboo tray of cheeses, bowls of marinated olives, heirloom vegetable crudités, etc.

Stay within your budget.

Ask guests to bring modest items such as ice, garnishes for cocktails, bar snacks, a bottle of wine, or even portable dessert. Or, ask for help before, during or after the party. Choose natural, minimalist decorations such as a big, unarranged market bouquet of seasonal flowers, broken down into individual informally arranged bouquets. Book affordable entertainment by asking your niece, nephew, uncle, cousin or best friend to show off his or her talents.

Choose calm with Aura Cacia Ylang Ylang.

The exotic, intensely floral scent of ylang ylang flowers is perfect for setting a unique, yet calm and relaxed party atmosphere. Its sensual, soothing aroma is sure to set guests at ease – and help them mix and mingle freely. See tips on how to use ylang ylang to create your own special aromatherapy effect.

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