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9 Advanced Poses To Level-Up Your At-Home Yoga Practice

From compass to crow, these nine postures are a great addition to any practice.

Pilin Anice
August 23

9 Tools That'll Take Your At-Home Meditation Space To The Next Level

While you certainly don't need anything to meditate, these tools can help you tune in.

Sarah Regan
April 29

A 5-Minute Barre Routine To Strengthen & Tone Your Arms Effectively

If you watch a ballet class, the arms are usually at or above shoulder level the entire time.

No Plans On Memorial Day? Here Are 7 Ideas For A Mindful Staycation

Long weekend ahead and you forgot to book a trip? Get the most out of your say at home.

Alexandra Engler
May 21 2019

This Dance Move Doubles As A Full-Body Workout

Watch dancer and yogi Zoe Welch show how it's done.

Emma Loewe
December 5 2018

Here's The One Trick To Help Unlock Tension In Your Hips

The one move you need to help unlock tight hips, release tension, and activate your glutes for better mobility.

Krysten Peck
June 13 2018