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Booch Lovers, Here’s How To Make A Summer-Fresh Kombucha Infusion

Kombucha Infusions Are Our New Favorite Summer Drink (Here's How To Make 'Em)

Remy Park
August 12
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Jalapeño and Ginger Kombucha Make This Mule Kick Even Harder

This summer, try using ginger kombucha in a twist on a traditional mule, the classic cocktail usually made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime.

July 8

So You Want To Become An Adventurous Eater — Here's How To Do It

How to get out of your comfort zone and try a new food.

March 14

The Gas Station Of The Future Has An Eco-Friendly Wellness Twist

Let's be real: Gas stations and convenience stores are typically where wellness goes to die. The Goods Mart wants to change that.

Emma Loewe
April 21 2018
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Why Passion Matters When You're Starting A Business

King of Kombucha GT Dave shares the role that passion has played in the development of his enormously popular brand.

February 24 2017

Is This The New Kombucha? The Wellness Drink You Need To Know About

Move over, kombucha; drinking vinegars are the next best thing for your gut, your immunity, and your energy.

February 23 2017

The King of Kombucha Says THIS Is The Key To Successfully Growing Your Business

King of kombucha GT Dave shares how to get through some of the trials of taking your business to the next level.

January 2 2017

How The King Of Kombucha Started His Brand

You know his name from the nation's most popular kombucha—now, hear King of Kombucha, GT Dave, share how it all began.

October 30 2016

Love Kombucha? Try These Homemade Spiced Sodas

DIY fermented soda without having to deal with that scoby thing

Trusha Patel
August 13 2016

Stressed Out? Try Sipping Some Kombucha

This fermented alternative to soda could have even more benefits than just probiotics.

Hannah Crum
April 13 2016